Questions that need answers

Questions that need answers

With the right that assists me and the Bolivian owners who say that we are the owners of BoA, I allow myself to make this note so that those who are in charge, first, understand that they are not the owners, but that they have responsibility for the strategic and public company of the State and are only our employees.

Unfortunately, when we ask to speak to them, they never respond to calls or messages, which says a lot about them. Or could it be that by being in those positions for more than 10 years they believe they are owners? They do not understand their status as public employees and their duty is to be at the service of the Bolivians, owners of BoA.

Hopefully the Minister of Public Works will step away from TV for a while and call attention, and as head of the sector can answer our questions, before they are considered economic damage to the State. First, why bring an Airbus aircraft that has been scrapped by Air Europa on the Madrid-Santa Cruz route? Why do you want to bring a plane that is European-made and different from the fleet that BoA has? With the background that during the Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano we had problems (I was director of the LAB), I am not saying that it was a bad aircraft, but it had a huge cost, tools, pilot and mechanic training, which in the end was a resounding failure. The State had to get rid of the Airbus A 300 to bring in the Boeing 767.

How can the Minister say that the BoA fleet is being modernized, if the 330/200/300 are at least 10 years old. How do they want to compete on the route to Madrid against a brand new Boeing 787 Dream Liner from Air Europa, which uses these lower operational cost aircraft and which just left the Airbus for not being efficient. How this company like Delta, Avianca, Latam, Qatar, Korean Air, Air Canada and many more that left the Airbus 33O (the only ones flying in South America on Aerolíneas Argentinas, a company that has a daily loss of almost one million dollars) they went to the Boeing 787, which has lower fuel hour consumption, more seats and greater cargo capacity. Or do these leading companies in the world do not know about costs and types of aircraft and BoA knows more?

We know that several former employees of the LAB work at BOA, which gave prestige to the country for its excellent service and destinations that arrived where BoA, despite having more aircraft, never arrived and caused others to explode, making the country’s currency leak. The LAB did know what it means to modernize the fleet, just like AeroSur and Amaszonas. The first brought the Foker turboprops, the 737/300, 727/100/200, the 767/300 and the 7O7 freighter, along with AeroSur which brought the 767/200 and the only 747/400 to South America; Amaszonas, a Cavaran and a Metro, in addition to the Grj and Embraer 190.

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