Queen Elizabeth II was already buried next to the Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth II was already buried next to the Duke of Edinburgh

The remains of Elizabeth II They were buried on Monday along with their parents, sister and husband in a chapel of the church of the windsor castle, putting an end to funeral tributes for the Queen deceased 11 days ago.

“The Queen She was buried next to the Duke of Edinburgh, in the chapel of the King George VI Memorial“In a private ceremony reserved for the closest relatives, announced a statement from the British royal family posted on its official website.

Upon arrival at Windsorwhere the coffin passed before the queen’s beloved corgis, this was introduced in the Saint George Chapel, a 15th century church, known for having been the scene of the last royal weddings.

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The last religious service was held there with 800 guests, including employees of the late queen.

The crown, the orb and the scepter – symbols of the monarchy – were removed from the coffin and placed on the altar. The highest-ranking official of the royal household, the Lord Chamberlain, broke his “rule of command” and placed it over the coffin, symbolizing the end of Elizabeth II’s reign.

Later, in a last private ceremony, reserved for the closest relatives, the queen will be buried in the “George VI Memorial”a small adjoining chapel where his parents and the ashes of his sister Margarita already rest.

The remains of her husband, Prince Philip, will be buried next to hermoving them from the royal crypt where they have been since he died in April 2021 at almost 100 years old.

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Symbol of an era of great changes, Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952, in a United Kingdom still mired in the post world warand left in 2022 from the post-pandemic and Brexit.

Not only met 15 British Prime Ministers, from Winston Churchill to the current Liz Truss, but also to historical figures such as the Soviet Nikita Khrushchev, Mother Teresa of Calcutta or the South African Nelson Mandela. Likewise, to artists like Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga.

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