Putin stresses the importance more than ever of the unity of Russians

Putin stresses the importance more than ever of the unity of Russians

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, today underlined the importance more than ever of the unity of the Russian people in the midst of the country’s military campaign in Ukraine, and once again extolled the figure of Peter the Great, for having created an Army and a Army «mighty and invincible».

At an award ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin congratulated citizens on Russia Day, a “holiday dedicated to our country, full of pride in its history and faith in its future.”

“Today we are especially aware of how important it is for the country, for our society, for the people to be united,” he stressed.

Putin maintained in a speech full of patriotism that the Russians “are proud of the military achievements and victories of their ancestors, of all those who aspired and knew how to get ahead, discover new things, achieve the progressive development of the homeland, defend it in battles and assert their worthy role in the world».

As he did on Thursday, when he commemorated the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, the emperor who opened “the window to the West”, which is now closing due to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, Putin praised this figure today.

“Pedro is rightly called a great reformer, he achieved fundamental changes in almost all spheres of life, mainly in government, in economic development, in the creation of a powerful and invincible army and navy,” said the President.

In his opinion, “great progress was also made in education, enlightenment, health care, and culture.”

“There are still disputes about Peter I, his reforms, but it is impossible not to admit it: it was under this ruler that Russia emerged as a great strong world power,” Putin said.

On Thursday, the head of the Kremlin argued that Russia has to “defend itself, fight, it’s self-evident.”

“Almost nothing has changed. It seems that Pedro I fought against Sweden and took something from someone. He did not take anything! He got it back!” Putin said after opening an exhibition dedicated to the emperor who ruled Russia for 43 years (1682-1725).

In a clear allusion to the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine, Putin assured: “Apparently, we have also had to recover and consolidate.” EFE

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