Punta Catalina, with lower production cost than the others

Punta Catalina, with lower production cost than the others

Despite the complicated international context that maintains the price of coal above 300% compared to usual, the units of the Thermoelectric Power Plant Catalina Point (CTPC) occupy the first two places in the order of merit for the dispatch of thermal units of the Interconnected Electric System (SENI).

According to the statement, this puts her in a position more efficient in front of the rest

The disclosure was made by the administrator of the company, celso marranziniwho affirmed that this achievement for Catalina Point It is due to the efficient management for the purchase of coal, the commendable effort of the technical and administrative team and the confidence of President Luis Abinader.

He defined as emblematic that this fact has taken place despite the high prices experienced by fuels fruit of complexities geopolitical which also affects the supply chain.

He explained that, with this, CTPC guarantees the continuity of the supply of around 30% of the national energy demand with economical generation driven by high operating efficiency.

The order of Merit is determined based on production cost of the plants, so those with a lower cost -as is the case of CTPC- may be dispatched with priority over those with a higher cost.

“This simply means that we are facing the most efficient plants that serve energy to the Dominicans,” highlighted Marranzini, noting that this has been achieved “with the tenacious work of the technicians and the administrative staff”, as well as for the good purchases of coal.”

The senior executive of Catalina Point He maintained that the team under his direction has concentrated on resolving the historical problems of the thermoelectric plant that are associated with its construction.

“This has allowed us today to generate 10% more than what was generated in 2021 and be much more efficient, which saves foreign currency for the country and saves costs at a time when the world is extremely complicated, with problems in the supply chain and price rise of the fuels“, said.

About Punta Catalina

The Thermoelectric Power Station Catalina Point is a state-owned company made up of two 360 MW power generation units, for a total of 720 MW, synchronized in the National Interconnected Power System (SENI) and whose efficiency contributes to reducing the variable cost of average generation

Each unit contains a steam generator or boiler that uses thermal mineral coal as primary fuel, steam turbo-generator, steam condenser and plant balance equipment in its thermal circuit.

Your System QA del Aire (AQCS) is unique among coal-fired power plants in the Dominican Republic.

The plant generates energy from the clean burning of pulverized coal.

Catalina Point includes all the support facilities such as: a ship reception dock with a maximum capacity of 80,000 tons, completely closed unloading systems and covered coal storage with a capacity for 216,000 tons, a modern ash deposit that uses geotextile mesh that guarantees the No pollution to the environment.

It also has:

  • Central warehouse for spare parts
  • water production plant
  • Processing facilities sewage
  • Electric substation at 345 kV / 138 kV and transmission networks at 345 kV to inject the generated energy into the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI).

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