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Puno: PJ issued a restricted appearance against the mayor of Juli, investigated for corruption

Puno: PJ issued a restricted appearance against the mayor of Juli, investigated for corruption

Fist. Judge María Candelaria Morales Segura dismissed the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for nine months of preventive detention for him crime of aggravated collusion against the mayor of the district of Juli, Justo Apaza, and six other people involved, including city officials and businessmen. The magistrate issued a restricted appearance and ordered the payment of a bail of S/3,000 soles against the burgomaster.

The procedural measure is also directed against the Infrastructure manager of that municipality, Alejandro Serafin Llaza Juanito; the deputy manager of Liquidation and Supervision, Mauro Cerpa Juarez; the work supervisor Justo Richar Payehuanca; construction site resident Brandon Edwin Ramos Flores; and the representative of the company Kelluyo ConsortiumHarol Larico Quispe.

According to the requirement of preventive detention by the prosecution, the municipal authority would have colluded with all those involved to pay the representatives of the Kelluyo Consortium 100% of the total cost for the construction of 10 sports courts when the work had not even been completed.

Mayor of Juli, Justo Apaza. Photo: Liubomir Fernandez

According to documents seized by the prosecution, the reception committee gave its approval of the service and, even, the work had already been received. It is questioned that the executing company has not been penalized for breach of contractual deadlines. The work should have finished in October, but the total construction was not completed.

Opposition councilors formed a sit-in on the outskirts of the Public ministry. They demanded jail for everyone involved.

For the judge, María Candelaria Morales Segura, there is no expertise that determines the damage to the State and the work was in the process of liquidation. those involved now will face the investigation process in freedom.

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