Puerto Rican singer Cheo Andújar will be hospitalized for five days in Cali

Puerto Rican singer Cheo Andújar will be hospitalized for five days in Cali

On Friday afternoon, the Puerto Rican singer Cheo Andújar was hospitalized in an emergency at the Dime Clinic, located north of the city of Cali.

The interpreter of songs like ‘You don’t even imagine’, ‘Vamos a give us time’ and ‘Estas Segura’, presented health problems a day before of his presentation at the Baseball Diamond in the capital of the Valley, andn the framework of the celebration of the 15 years of creation of the station The Sun of RCN – Radio Cali.

According to the medical part of the clinic, the ex-vocalist of the Chaney Ensemble is out of danger, but will have to remain under medical observation for several days inside the hospital.

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Through the singer’s Instagram account, Cheo Andújar’s team published the clinic’s statement with an emotional message.

“Greetings and blessings, we ask for your prayers for a speedy recovery of our beloved Cheo Andújar”, ​​is indicated in the message.

Similarly, through a statement sent to the public, the medical center assured that the salsero suffered from a clinical picture compatible with a heart attack.

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“The singer Cheo Andújar entered the clinic with a clinical diagnosis compatible with an acute myocardial infarction. The specialized emergency medical team performed the initial care and determined the need to perform a coronary angiography procedure to determine the severity and the management plan,” the statement said.

Finally, the clinic assured that due to medical recommendations the artist must remain at rest and comply with a five-day medical disability, reason for which, you will not be able to attend the scheduled presentations in the capital of the Valley.

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