Puebla Prosecutor's Office detains Arturo Rueda, director of Diario Cambio, in CDMX

Puebla Prosecutor’s Office detains Arturo Rueda, director of Diario Cambio, in CDMX

Minutes before being handcuffed, Arturo Rueda tweeted from his personal account about the murder of the lawyer and activist Cecilia Monzon in San Pedro Cholula Puebla, and even “offered” the prosecution to hand over alleged conversations that he had in recent days with the victim, with which Jorge Estefan Chidiac, current local PRI deputy, was targeted as a “suspect” of femicide.

The lawsuit between Rueda and Chidiac is not new, in November 2015 it was exhibited by the politician for allegedly extorting 10 million pesos in exchange for not publishing some audios that supposedly got him into trouble.

As a result of this extortion video scandal, an investigation was launched against Arturo Rueda, according to a report by journalists Néstor Ojeda and Víctor Hugo Arteaga, published on May 15, in which they reported an alleged money laundering by at least 400 million pesos that involves Rueda, his partner Ignacio Mier, current coordinator of federal deputies of Morena, and Francisco Romero, former auditor of Puebla, currently imprisoned in the San Miguel prison.

According to the text published on the site www.xpectrofm.com it was Santiago Nieto in his capacity as head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) who discovered that Rueda and his partners “laundered” money through Diario Cambio.



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