Public Ministry will investigate fraudulent sale of Envaprimol company

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Willian Saabannounced this Sunday that the Public Ministry (MP) will investigate the fraudulent sale of the Envaprimol company, located in Maracay, Aragua state.

The Prosecutor released the information through his Twitter account, where he noted that the 30th National Prosecutor’s Office was appointed to be in charge of the investigation of the case in defense of the affected workers.

“Public Ministry in immediate response to the complaint by Adafel Martínez and a group of workers: designates the National Prosecutor’s Office 30, to advance and conclude the investigation related to the fraudulent sale of shares of the Envaprimol company,” he published on the social network.

In addition, the owner of the PM He added a video with the complaint from the owner of Envaprimol, Adafel Martínez, pointing out that he was a victim of fraud by some shareholders, who took advantage of his condition of advanced dyslexia.

In the audiovisual, Martínez highlights that the 13-year-old company has national and international recognition, and exports to four countries. “But the two years of the pandemic made us sell a percentage of the shares, for which they used my condition to scam and deceive me. I ask the Prosecutor, defender of human rights, that justice can be done for the families that were left without work, ”he said in the video.

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