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April 19, 2023
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Public Ministry presented 3 new detainees for corruption

Public Ministry presented 3 new detainees for corruption

The Attorney General, Tarek William Saab announced that in the next few hours the Public Ministry will present 3 new people involved in the corruption schemes of the Pdvsa Cripto and Cartones de Venezuela cases.

According to the balance made, to date there are 80 prisoners and 20 more have arrest warrants. He added that 172 raids have been carried out so far.

The Minister of Information and Communication, Alfred Nazareth Ñañez, posted on his Twitter account a video in which he gives an account of the hearing procedure for the presentation of Ysmel Romer Serrano Florez, and Salem Hassoun Atrach, both implicated in the corruption plot of PDVSA- Crypto captured by the National Anti-Corruption Police.

It should be noted that Serrano Flores held important positions such as: Executive Vice President of PDVSA in the area of ​​trade and supply, department in charge of gasoline and diesel.

Serrano Flores was also secretary general of the Aragua state government and held positions in the CVG in the international area and was president of Fogade.

Tonight there will also be a presentation before the special court on anti-terrorism and anti-corruption of Leonel Jesús Azuaje Urrea is the third defendant, linked to the corruption plot in Cartones de Venezuela


Through his Twitter account, the Prosecutor took stock of the efforts in the fight against corruption. He reported that 56 arrest warrants and 107 searches nationwide have been issued in the PdvsaCripto case.

Officials arrested in the PDVSA Crypto case

  • Antonio José Pérez Suárez, Vice President of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA and head of the corruption structure
  • Joselit de La Trinidad Ramirez Camacho, National Superintendent of Crypto Assets and crypto financial operator
  • Hugbel Rafael Roa Carucciformer deputy of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Jose Augustin Ramos
  • yamil alejandro martinez
  • Odoardo Jose Bordones
  • Heinrich Chapellin Biundo
  • Jesus Enrique Salazar
  • Rajiv Alberto Mosqueda
  • Renny Gerardo Barrientos, (both from the Digital Mining and Associated Processes Administration.

Entrepreneurs arrested Pdvsa-Crypto case

  • Manuel Meneses, financial operator and adviser to the head of the structure
  • Rogers Martínez, coordinator of financial operations and liaison between public officials and associated businessmen.
  • Rafael Perdomo
  • Roger Perdomo, brothers who acted as associated businessmen and national financial operators to legitimize the capital.
  • Daniel Prieto, associated businessman and financial operator at a national and international level. He fled to the Dominican Republic but is already in jail.
  • Kristhonfer Barrios
  • Johanna Torres
  • Alejandro Arroyo
  • Bernardo Arosio
  • Fernando Bermudez
  • leonardo torres
  • Jaqueline Perico
  • Jose Lima
  • Jesus Ramirez
  • Jose Luis Silva
  • Gustavo Carmona
  • Jun Moreno
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Oscar Rojas
  • Jean Goldman Meyer
  • Cardozo Gonzalez
  • Luis Guzman
  • Miguel Irigoyen

With arrest warrant 11 more people:

Juan Manuel Afonso, Manuel Ramón Afonso, brothers who acted as associated businessmen and international financial operators to legitimize illicitly obtained capital

William Rivas, Ximena Cagides Parada, Eduardo Noriega, José Luis Fernández, Olvani Gaspari, Railin Elizabeth Yépez (known as the model Ely Jeims), Rodolfo Moleiro, Alejandro Londoño and Yuravic Ravello, also a well-known model and social media influencer.

In the case of corruption in the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana, 14 arrest warrants and 51 searches nationwide have been requested

In the case of corruption in Cartones de Venezuela, 3 arrest warrants and 7 search warrants have been issued nationwide.

Arrested to date for the case cartons from Venezuela

  • Hugo Cabezas
  • Pedro Maldonado
  • edgar sanchez
  • Philip Contreras
  • Mulberry Linen
  • Tulio Medina
  • Carlos Moreno
  • Johan Sequera
  • isaac mohamed
  • Nestor Astudillo

For the case of corruption in the judiciary 6 arrest warrants and 6 searches have been processed

Judicial plot

  • Cristóbal Cornielles, president of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Caracas
  • José Maximino Márquez García, control room judge with jurisdiction in cases related to crimes of terrorism,
  • Yorvis Bracho Gómez, judge of Falcón
  • Loreannys Mariana Mejías
  • Mario Aquino Pisano
  • Fabiola Andreina Torrealba

Plot in City Halls

In the so-called plot of the Mayor Santos Michelena (Las Tejerías) 1 arrest warrant and 1 search warrant were executed.

Arrested: the mayor of the municipality Santos Michelena (Las Tejerías), Aragua, Pedro Hernandez Hinojosa.

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