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Public Ministry participated in a forum on labor rights

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), Tarek William Saab, participated in the National Meeting of Coordination and Action in Defense of the Rights of Workers and Workers held at the main headquarters of the Public Ministry.

“I think that the most important thing, which I must highlight today, is the commitment by the Public Ministry, through our specialized prosecutors in labor matters, to defend the workers, workers, fathers and mothers of families linked to raising a besieged country, sanctioned, blocked by coercive measures that sought
the implosion of the country”, stated the Attorney General.

In this sense, Saab affirmed that “we are part of the same team, in an activity that adds to another carried out a year ago; which yielded very positive results”, refers to a press release from the Public Ministry.

Saab stressed that “many times [trabajadores] They are dismissed in a totally unjustified manner and outside the law. To them, assume that the Public Ministry will accompany them for their reinstatement and guarantee that their human right to work is respected.”

specialized prosecutors

Similarly, the highest authority of the Public Ministry affirmed that “we highlight the creation of the 63rd and 78th national prosecutor’s offices specialized in the defense of labor human rights to address crimes that may occur in the workplace.”

In this same order of ideas, the head of the criminal action indicated that this represents a very important achievement that is added to the creation of specialized national prosecutors for the defense of indigenous rights, the defense of children and adolescents, older adults and the sex-diverse community; “to give obviously to
This issue has a comprehensive meaning and that the worker who is the victim of a violation of their rights does not feel vulnerable, helpless,” he said.


The Attorney General referred to the criminal offenses contemplated in the legal system that governs the world of work; such as contempt of an administrative order for reinstatement of a worker protected by union immunity or labor immobility; the contempt of the judicial order of reinstatement in the stability procedure; the
violation of the right to strike, non-compliance and obstruction of acts emanating from the Ministry of the Social Work Process, the illegal and unjustified closing of the work source and work accidents.

Likewise, Saab mentioned that “there are crimes established in the Organic Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence that can occur in the workplace,” such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, sexual violence or carnal acts with a victim. especially vulnerable.

He also listed other crimes such as bullying or harassment, psychological violence, physical violence, threats and even injuries. “Many times the employer takes advantage of this for this type of aggression that is not merely psychological and even becomes physical violence,” said the Attorney General.

In this sense, he reported that during the elapsed months of 2023, 331 criminal complaints have been recorded in the workplace; the majority referred to contempt of court order of reinstatement.


During his speech, the Attorney General stated that “permanent articulation with the labor inspectorates is necessary to expedite the cases in terms of tax requests made to them.”

He concluded by instructing the senior prosecutors of the Public Ministry to meet with the state directors of the ministry to hold technical roundtables in order to process the most emblematic and most difficult cases throughout the national territory.

During the activity carried out in the institution’s auditorium, the Minister of People’s Power for the Social Work Process, Francisco Torrealba, was present, together with 75 attendees that included vice ministers of the portfolio; general managers, directors
state officials, inspectors from all over the country and coordinators.

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