Public Consultation on the Foreign Assets Law Begins

To guarantee the protection of the assets of the Venezuelan State, the Assembly Nacional (AN) began this Friday the National Public Consultation of the Bill for the Protection of Assets, Rights and Interests of the Republic and its Entities Abroad.

“Indeed, today we are complying with the constitutional duty to carry out the Public Consultation established in articles 206 and 211 of the Constitution of each of the regulations discussed. We have brought this consultation in Caracas and carried out simultaneously in the 24 states of the country”, indicated the first vice president of the Permanent Commission of Internal Policy, deputy Julio José Zerpa.

He explained that this “Law for the Protection of Assets, Rights and Interests of the Republic and its Entities Abroad is based on the protection of the country’s assets, which in its regulations provide for the ineffectiveness and invalidity of acts carried out by usurping functions by Part of individuals who attribute functions that they do not have, we are talking about the criminal gang called “interim government,” he said.

It is a law that will protect the assets of the Venezuelan State after the actions of the criminal gang that was constituted and called the “interim government”, which was managed without any type of legal regulation or comptroller in violation of the Constitution.

illegal decision

“Today we see as a product of an illegal decision by the state of Delaware, United States, the country is being stripped of the Citgo company, Venezuela’s largest asset abroad, they are talking about more than seven billion dollars, which belong to the Republic”, emphasized Zerpa.

In this decision “the patrimony of the Republic and lawsuits against the Republic are confused with the patrimony of a company like that,” added the parliamentarian.

He stressed that this procedure is a “frank violation of international and public legal regulations and under the consent of this criminal gang that continues to be recognized by the United States government.”

“These resources belong to all Venezuelans. Citgo used to allocate its resources to care for catastrophic illnesses, high-cost treatments for patients abroad, while now the assets of this company are being used to finance vacations, illegal acts that have to do with their satisfaction, they even invest in low passions of these individuals,” he denounced.

Punitive part and patrimony

He emphasized that the law has a punitive part, in which illegal behaviors that are not valid are criminally punished and, through the Domain Extension Law, the patrimonial part of those who illegally assume assets abroad is punished.

In addition, those who have and make use of Republic assets will be held accountable and punished, these actions will be criminally and patrimonially sanctioned.

Advances in legislation

This initiative was from the Executive, led by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and has had great legislative advances for its prompt approval.

With the progress of the processes of this legal regulation, the work carried out by the National Assembly is evident, highlighted this Thursday by its president Jorge Rodríguez, said deputy Zerpa.

Given the progress and the consultation carried out this Friday, the legal regulations that will safeguard the assets of the Republic will be approved “promptly through the Mixed Commission constituted by the Commission on Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy and Policy and Finance.

Revolutionary forces: defense of the Fatherland

For his part, Deputy Jesús faria He stressed that before this initiative of the Executive “it is the revolutionary forces that have assumed the defense of the Homeland in all the scenarios that have arisen during these 24 years.”

From the Protocol Room of the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas, the parliamentarian indicated that the bill will contribute to strengthening the Venezuelan State in the search for its assets.

Query work methodology

For the consultation of this legal regulation, the AN established a methodology that will be applied in two months of work, a mailbox to introduce the recommendations and an instruction to collect the proposals of the institutions of the State and the Venezuelan people, referred to a note from the Assembly.

The bill contains two chapters and 11 articles, and its purpose is to protect the assets, rights and interests of the Republic and its entities, located abroad, against any act of alienation or disposition by persons who illegally They try to usurp them.

In chapter II, the project clarifies the duty of the Venezuelan State to protect the assets and the role of the Attorney General’s Office to exercise the corresponding actions to defend the patrimony of the country, as well as the non-existent declaration and invalidity of any unauthorized act, nor managed.

It also contemplates, in its articles 10 and 11, that any person involved in any illegal management will be punished for the crimes of corruption and organized crime and may serve a sentence of 15 to 20 years in prison, explains the AN.

The consultation, summoned urgently by the president of the Legislative PowerDeputy Jorge Rodríguez, has the participation of representatives of the Executive, the Public Ministry, the Public Defense, the Ombudsman, the Attorney General of the Republic, the Comptroller General of the Republic, the National Anti-Corruption Police Corps, among others .

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