Public consultation of the Law for people with hearing disabilities concludes

This Friday, the public consultation cycle that was carried out for the draft Law for Comprehensive Care for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People, carried out by the Permanent Commission for Comprehensive Social Development of the National Assembly (AN), ended.

The consultation was headed by the deputy to the AN for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), René Coltat, who described this bill as “historic”, because for the first time deaf and hard of hearing people are taken into account hearing impairment.

In this sense, he advocated for the recognition and dissemination of the Venezuelan sign language as an official language, he refers AN press release.

For this reason, among the proposals presented in the public consultation is the recognition of sign language.

The bill also aspires to recognize this Venezuelan community as a cultural linguistic group.

During the closing ceremony, the parliamentarian stated that the legal text aims to guarantee the right to accessibility through adaptations, adaptations or reasonable adjustments of the necessary resources to favor deaf and hearing impaired people their participation and enjoyment of goods, services and information and communication.

Similarly, the deputy indicated that it seeks to also recognize sign language translators and interpreters, as the channel of communication between deaf people and hearing people.

Last March, the AN commission approved the Bill of Law of Comprehensive Care to Deaf People and People with Hearing Impairment, with the aim of guaranteeing their care through a legal regime.

The bill in principle has 22 articles and a legal provision and its main objective is the full recognition of the Venezuelan deaf community.

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