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Psychologists warn of the impact on adolescents of Bad Bunny’s “intolerant and megalomaniac” behavior

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Psicólogos advierten impacto en adolescentes del comportamiento

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Dominican College of Psychologists warned about the bad examples they represent for young people and adolescents, behaviors such as that recently exhibited by the exponent of the urban genre Bad Bunny.

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“Those idols and, basically, through bad examples, the adolescent incorporates him, sometimes even congratulates him, assumes him as a model, a model of intolerance, of a megalomaniac trait, of delusions of grandeur, of everything that the system current provides that person, for what they understand or self-perceive, ”warned Hanoi Vargas.

He said that, “within that plenipotentiary framework and his ability to do that kind of thing, that he is even celebrated more than criticized, it really is a distortion of society.”

“And I am going to tell you the truth, it was revealed by the pandemic that led us to the reality that we needed the real heroes, who turned out to be the doctors, biologists, and infectologists, who through them we were able to have a quick response to the effects of the coronavirus”, clarified the psychologist when asked on the D’AGENDA program about Bad Bunny’s violent reaction to take away the phone and throw it away from a young woman who tried to take a picture with him because she was his admirer.

He explained that these types of people have a deformation and are bearers of a bad message, although he clarified that there are other exponents of art that provide joy and happiness to society.

“But the truth is that they are framed in the concept of I feel and therefore I am, and not like the homosapien I think and then I am, so everything has been distorted, they are leading us to the point where we accept them, we feel comfortable, but The reality is that, as the deformations have evolved, they are leading us to the idea that we have to retake and question the system”, argued the human behavior professional.

In this regard, he drew attention to the need to safeguard the most vulnerable, because there are people who are defined, and that will not change us, we have a critical point, and a responsibility to our children to transfer or communicate the distortion of that, although a society like this is a breeding ground for that to grow, and we are going to suffer the consequences.

The specialist warned that, while world statistics reflect a decrease in violent deaths, the opposite is true in the Dominican Republic, that is, it registers a considerable increase.

Hanoi Vargas described the marked increase in violence in the country as worrying because it is not related to what is happening in the rest of the world.

Vargas explained that worldwide violence has decreased in the order of mortality as a result of the phenomenon, which implies that between violent crimes and wars it is verified that there has been a decrease in deaths linked to this type of behavior patterns where it is involved. violence at its finest.

The human behavior professional explained that since 2002, of the 57 million inhabitants who died in the world, 742 thousand were due to violence.

He added that 843,000 people committed suicide, so the call to attention is created that it is easier for a person to decide to take their own life than to have it taken away.

“In the Dominican Republic, coincidentally, we have both problems at their highest expression, we have the increase in suicide, and we also have the increase in violence that every day decimates society due to its negative impact, so it is a call for attention, what a It happens, while a phenomenon decreases worldwide, here it is maintained and is increasing, and apart from that, those who decide to take their lives for another type of problem in the order of mental health are added to it, ”warned the renowned psychologist.

He gave as an example a statistic that he has just received, which shows that 60 percent of the people who die are linked more to the socio-community issue, in the sense of the interrelationship of society.

“So that is very worrying because our coexistence system has been altered, to the point that due to a parking issue or accidentally scratching your vehicle, a conflict at the couple level, the difficulties to accept ending a sentimental relationship, general situations of violence,” he lamented.

He said that, “tolerances that are typical in another social context, acceptable without major inconveniences, here a person under attachment trauma, it is unacceptable for a couple to decide to abandon him, and then we see phenomena like the ones we are visualizing that an individual decides take the life of his partner, his children, and then commit suicide.”

“Because he does not tolerate, he does not have that capacity for detachment, he has a trauma possibly linked to attachment, and basically does not tolerate existence without that person who has guaranteed pleasure, security, psychological values ​​of communication, or the ability to reaffirm himself on that another person, and does not tolerate its existence without that person,” said Vargas.

Regarding the male aggressors who go to the extreme of killing their partner, their children and committing suicide, in the case of the offspring, in their distorted reasoning, they understand that it is better to end their lives before “leaving them in the world doing jobs”. without his mother and father.

sadistic behavior

Hanoi Vargas, who chairs the College of Dominican Psychologists, said that Luis Eduardo Terrero Gómez, who confessed to having killed his partner, the Puerto Rican Agerilis Marrero García, who was pregnant, exhibited sadistic behavior by calling the victim’s mother and showing her the corpse by video call stabbed and bloody of his daughter.

“Extremely repressed anger, there must necessarily be a history of abuse, that repressed anger that was manifested at its highest level in that case, but you analyze it from behind and you have been seeing it as an individual with sadistic behavior, of an individual who recreates the fact of inflicting pain at a certain moment, perhaps in the way he felt when experiencing it early on”, diagnosed Vargas when interviewed on the D’AGENDA program.

He explained that now he must be sentenced because he has to pay a consequence, but the reality is that it could have been another end, “we could have identified that person, who was not suddenly set up by the devil, but rather has a story” .

“And if we could, based on the beginning of that story, intercept and be able to work on that person, you can be sure that phenomena like that would be significantly reduced, because if it is done in other societies, because that is horrendous, that happens. in certain countries and you will see that issue on the main pages of the newspapers for a month”, assured the human behavior professional.

He regretted that “this case passes here and the other one comes, so, there we go again, the dynamics of care in the order of mental health, because it is a sick person.”

Vargas regretted that we Dominicans have lost the capacity for astonishment in the face of such horrible acts of violence that occur frequently in this society.

He said that we cannot resign ourselves to that, “we must be intolerant of the fact that this phenomenon continues without us moving in one direction, aligning mental health providers, from the family that suffers from the phenomenon, and society as a whole, because we cannot we can lose sensitivity in the face of these tragic events, and demand that the authorities fulfill their responsibility in this regard.”

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