Psychologist Daphne Macías: “Children who commit acts of bullying are victims of violence or emotional abuse”

School bullying has always been in our classrooms; it is something that does not subside, but rather is increasing, which is why the psychologist and coordinator of the Healthy School Life Program of the Healthy Relationships Foundation, Daphne Macías, spoke on the subject.

The specialist asserted that children or adolescents who commit this type of act, in some setting of their lives or in some other space, are victims of violence or physical or emotional abuse, most of the time.

“In 99% of the cases, this is the case. They are boys who have not been able to manage their pain, their frustration, due to the abuse that occurs and one way to metabolize them is to another boy who has a disadvantaged position compared to them” he explained.

Macías recommended that parents have good communication with their children to avoid these events, even with the school.

“If the father has any suspicion that his son is a victim, he will be able to see some behaviors such as not wanting to go to school, not wanting to talk about what is happening, that his son arrives with a mark, if he is missing items in his suitcase. In the case of the boys who carry out the abuse, these are the most difficult to see because they are very secretive, “he concluded.

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