PSUV will renew base structures in Guárico

PSUV will renew base structures in Guárico

In the Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality of Guárico state, an informative assembly was held this Thursday with the aim of addressing the renewal of the base structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the llanera region.

The act was headed by the state governor, José Vásquez; Hugbel Roa, member of the PSUV national leadership and Guárico state liaison; Freddy Alí Gómez, executive secretary of the PSUV and Eduardo Puerta, organizer of the PSUV in the Llanero state.

From the Olympic City located in San Juan de los Morros, the regional president stressed that as of this Saturday, August 13, the process of renewing the militant groups of the red awning will begin.

He reported that the process will include the renewal of street leaders, community groups and Hugo Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) with the aim of increasing the capacity for political action and reinvigorating the Bolivarian revolution in the region within the framework of the V Congress of the PSUV and IV Youth Congress.

Vásquez indicated that the aforementioned process will be governed and characterized by “the values ​​of ethics, commitment and political morality.” However, he stressed that changes must be “assumed with maturity and awareness.”

12,524 social actors will be renewed in Guárico

In addition to this, the llanero executive explained that 12,524 social actors will be elected throughout Guariqueña, distributed in more than 10,300 street leaders, more than 1,600 community leaders, and 464 heads of Hugo Chávez Battle Units.

He made a call to continue consolidating the strength and unity of the PSUV: “We are all united to build and consolidate, to continue organizing the largest party in Latin America,” exalted Vásquez.

For his part, Hugbel Roa, state liaison for the PSUV in Guárico, said that those who guide the socialist party must consolidate popular power, while adding that they must “join, organize and convene,” since the party of the revolution provides capacity and quality in all its sectors of action.

They prepared details for the elections of base structures

During the assembly, methods and regulations were evaluated, corrections were made and a political document was detailed, which is available in the Web page of the PSUV, with a view to increasing the capacity for action in terms of serving the communities socially.

Finally, it should be noted that the renewal of the base structures of the PSUV will be carried out at all levels of the socialist party until the restructuring at the national level.

They exhort the participation of Guariqueños

Asdrúbal Rojas, delegate of the IV Congress of the PSUV, exhorted the Guariqueño population to join in the renewal of the base structures in the red awning, indicating that the youth, currently, have a fundamental role in the election of the new militants of the party. .

For his part, Miguel Reyes, who attended the event, indicated that the assembly informed and motivated the population to exercise their right as Venezuelans in the transformation of the base structures in each municipality and in each parish of the Guariqueña entity.

Timetable for elections of Base structures

For this Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14, the first phase of the renewal process will be held throughout the territory of Guariqueño with promotional and informative street assemblies, where the promoter of the party will be elected.

The second phase is scheduled for next August 20 with the execution of election days for street leaders from each community in the region.

Meanwhile, the third phase corresponds to the restructuring assemblies of the community teams to be held on Saturday, August 27.

Finally, the fourth phase of the process includes the election of the teams of the Hugo Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) throughout the plains entity.

  • PSUV will renew base structures in Guárico

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