PSUV will hold this Saturday the 27th election of heads of community

PSUV will hold this Saturday the 27th election of heads of community

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) called for this Saturday, August 27, at 2:00 in the afternoon, to participate in the election of the heads of community, after electing the leaders of each one of the streets of the national territory.

The call was made this Wednesday during a press conference of the party’s National Directorate, in which the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, explained that the process for next Saturday, August 27 “starts at 2:00 in the afternoon , the first hour is for the application phase of those who aspire to be heads of community, an assembly that must last at least three hours, from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon».

In this sense, he explained that the agenda for the next few days is as follows: «Thursday definition of the place, Friday propaganda of the best banner, and on Saturday election with estimated time from 2 in the afternoon and at least until 5, three hours ».

“The first hours for the application and the following hours to vote and celebrate the victories,” he stressed.

With the extension in the time of the process, it is guaranteed that everyone can participate, “at least until five in the afternoon, after it is closed, the process of verifying the results begins.”

Keep growing

These elections carried out by the PSUV, to renew its bases, are carried out under the motto: Organize, unite and add, to succeed.

«We have a motto: organize everything, unite, intertwine and be able to add everything that can be added, nobody should be afraid of that. Let’s welcome everyone who wants to participate, “he said.

The instruction of the president of the party, Nicolás Maduro, has been clear, said Cabello, “this party must continue to grow with a solid vanguard, but that it go further and that the Revolution becomes irreversible, with a new majority, is the second task that the president gave us,” he added.

PSUV with presence in 261,538 streets

During the press conference, Cabello detailed the activities that will be carried out starting this Thursday “to continue advancing in the renewal of the party, we have already been in the streets and after that extraordinary success, we are going to the next level of the communities.”

He stressed that the PSUV has presence in 261,538 streets«work team that will accompany all the effort made by the national government with the 1×10, the Action Agenda, the Bricomiles».

Cabello commented that after the election of the street bosses, “now we go to the communities. Tomorrow, Thursday, throughout the country, 46,949 marked communities must hold a popular assembly, promoted by the elected promoters”, to fine-tune details of the process on Saturday.

No impositions

«No one should make personal propaganda, if you make a banner, make it in the name of the Party and the process. Here there is no line from anyone, we emphatically say it; who is trying to impose lines, assumes counterrevolutionary attitudes », she emphasized.

He reiterated: “Here the only group there is is that of Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution. It is a universal, direct and secret vote with the scrutiny of those who are there. No one can impose.”

folk banner

As part of the activities of the election process on Saturday, August 27, the PSUV called for a banner alluding to the event and when going to the election of the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) “we must have a popular mural,” he said. Hair.

“The activity on Friday is very important, we have given the instruction that just as we did with the flip charts, we are asking for a banner alluding to this beautiful event and when we go to the election of the UBCH we must have a popular mural,” he added.

Street bosses

To date, they have 261,538 streets registered with their bosses, bosses and teams, with 98% of the national territory, indicated Diosdado Cabello.

Similarly, he specified that 6,168 streets have not yet reported information, in that sense, he explained that “there are places that have political silence, it has to do with the sector where the street is, there are industrial sectors.”

In those streets, said Cabello, the task is to send the state liaisons to organize the selection process of the management team and have everything covered.

On the other hand, he highlighted the instrument used by the PSUV to record the results of the assemblies, “the CC200 is a Party instrument where the information from the assemblies arrives, there we download even the participants of this beautiful activity.”

female leadership

He reiterated that during this process, in most cases the women’s leadership.

“Men are very hurt, the participation of women has been very high, not only participation but the election, that has a reason, the Revolution is truly feminist,” he emphasized.

To conclude, the first vice president of the PSUV remarked: “The doors of the PSUV are open to militants, sympathizers, friends and anyone who wants to participate.”

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