PSUV will elect street, community and UBCH leaders this August 20

PSUV will elect street, community and UBCH leaders this August 20

Next Saturday, August 20, the election will be held throughout the country of the heads of the streets, the community and the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCH) of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the first vice president of the match, Diosdado Cabello.

“This weekend we will be deployed in all the streets of our country. We will be deployed on the streets of our country in all states,” said Cabello during a press conference to inform the details of the renovation process of the street, community and UBCH headquarters.

The electoral assemblies carried out by the PSUV, in which the street bosses will be elected, is a process of renewal of the base structures that is carried out under the premises of the party presidentNicholas Maduro.

propellant functions

Cabello explained that after choosing the propellants in every street of the country, their task is to promote the electoral process for this weekend’s election with the leaders of the street, community and UBCH.

«The promoter or promoter has the task of convening the assemblies for this Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon. This process is going to be very fast, they must guarantee maximum participation », she stressed.

He indicated that 243,020 propellants were registered in streets throughout the country, which represents 97% of the municipalities of the national territory.

He pointed out that of this figure, more than 75% of the assemblies held in different states reached a total consensus in the election of their proponents, and that the states of Anzoátegui, Monagas and Sucre have 100% of their streets registered in the party.

No authority can change a street boss

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, stressed that “those who are elected street, community or UBCh bosses will have the task for the duration of the V Congress, that is, four years.”

Likewise, he emphasized that no authority can change the street bosses. «No mayor or authority can change a street, community and UBCh boss. We must respect the decision of the bases », he added.

“I ask that no one interfere in what the people decide. The people are free and aware of the vote, do not make the mistake, there are no lines here, it is for whom the bases decide to vote freely », he said.

He reiterated that the PSUV works in unity and not as a function of groups, “we don’t want small groups, or divisionists, we want people with a united sense, we require the maximum unity, we must present ourselves as a block.”

weekend pick

Regarding the electoral schedule for this weekend, the first vice president of the PSUV explained that this Friday, August 19, the propaganda, information and dissemination sessions will take place; on Saturday the 20th the electoral assemblies will be held, and the systematization of the results will be done on Sunday the 21st of August.

The assemblies must be convened by the street promoters starting at 2:00 in the afternoon, who must also promote maximum participation.

“The promoter is like an electoral commission, it must guarantee the transparency of the process,” he emphasized.

Once the process is consolidated, Cabello pointed out, the election will be held through direct and secret ballot.

«We hope that this Saturday will be the training base for the next activities, to correct mistakes and continue learning. I insist that only the PSUV can do this, no one else, there is no way for another party to do it », he stated.

historical landmark

For Diosdado Cabello «this weekend we will achieve a historic milestone. From the National Directorate we are proud of the grassroots militancy of this party, of those who are in the street facing problems. Comrades from other countries would like to have a Party like the PSUV. We are proud of our militants », he stressed.

He added: “This weekend we will fill another page of the democratic history of a revolutionary party.”

What is going to happen this weekend? will make political history in the country because of the level and awareness that our people have. Every day there are more manifestations of popular power in exercise”, emphasized the first Vice President of the PSUV.

Tasks of the PSUV

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela is an organization that is vigilant in the streets solving the social problems of the people, said Cabello.

«The PSUV is vigilant in the streets of social issues and also a builder of solutions. The PSUV assumes the responsibility of the 1 × 10 as a fundamental function », he said.

The First Vice President of the PSUV stated that the organization is in the task of «building a new majority, we have the task of organizing, uniting and adding. Unite, that we come out stronger, and add all the Venezuelans who want to be in the PSUV.

Similarly, among the tasks entrusted by President Nicolás Maduro, is to promote a new policy of alliances, “we have the task with the Great Patriotic Pole, the Congress of the New Era and the country’s social movements.”

To conclude, Cabello stressed: “There is not a place in Venezuela where the United Socialist Party of Venezuela is not present, all of this is georeferenced and the streets have a location system.”

«This town does not give up, it is to give power to the people, every day there are more communal exercises and demonstrations of popular power in exercise. These three weeks will be historic », he remarked.

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