PSUV Trujillo ready to elect street bosses

PSUV Trujillo ready to elect street bosses

A total of 30,936 people will elect this Saturday the militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the state of Trujillo as part of the leadership renewal process in the bases of the red awning.

The governor of the Trujillo state, Gerardo Márquez, indicated that 7,734 street assemblies were held to choose the promoters, who will be in charge of leading the election process of the street, community and UBCh bosses.

«7 thousand 734 street assemblies were held to notify the militancy of the renewal of the base structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the promoters and promoters were chosen, which is something like the person in charge of leading the process of election in three instances: street level, community level and UBCh level”, he expressed.

Sworn PSUV thrusters

He recalled that yesterday, Thursday, the swearing-in ceremony was held for the promoters of the municipalities of Monte Carmelo, La Ceiba, Andrés Bello, Miranda, Bolívar and Sucre.

He also indicated that this Friday the promoters of the Valera, Motatán, Rafael Rangel, Escuque, Urdaneta and Carvajal municipalities were sworn in at an act in the city of Valera, together with the state liaison Pedro Carreño; as well as the promoters of the municipalities of Pampán, Carache, Boconó, José Felipe Márquez, Vicente Campo Elías, Candelaria, Pampanito and Trujillo in an act held in the afternoon in Pampán.

“Yesterday we swore in the promoters with great Chavista enthusiasm in the Sucre municipality (…) we discussed the regulations, the duties. Those responsible for the auxiliary bodies already had the three forms that we must fill out tomorrow, Saturday at two in the afternoon, in addition, 255,000 ballots were delivered for the elections this weekend. The methodology was explained to them, the filling of the forms », he detailed.

The Trujillo president stressed that in this process the militancy will elect the best in each street and pointed out that the slogan is “organize, unite and add, we are very clear in the party with this electoral party.”

Likewise, he affirmed that in the state of Trujillo all the guidelines established by the PSUV have been complied with, such as promoting maximum participation, directing and conducting the assembly and the entire process, as well as guaranteeing the transparency of the process.

“Renewing the structures of the party bases is an act of democracy. Is a Fparty of revolutionary democracy. We are oiling the machinery for victory in future electoral contests in 2024″, he emphasized.

Advances in health for the people

In terms of health, Governor Gerardo Márquez referred to the day of sterilization of 240 women developed last weekend, at the Doctor Pedro Emilio Carrillo University Hospital in the city of Valera, which placed the state of Trujillo in first place in meeting a goal within the National Surgical Plan.

He said that in the entity 104 popular clinics have been rehabilitated so far this year and before December the remaining 53 health centers must be recovered.

In this sense, the president of the Trujillo Health Foundation (Fundasalud), Yadira Pereira, commented that the first week of September interventions will be carried out, within the framework of the National Surgical Plan, for patients with breast cancer and cervix, who have complied with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocol.

He also announced that next Saturday, August 26, an intervention session will be held for 15 children from the otorhinolaryngology service.

It should be noted that this information was issued by the state governor during his radio program Háblame Gerardo! number 22, made from the Elliptical Hall of the Government Palace.

  • PSUV Trujillo ready to elect street bosses
  • PSUV Trujillo ready to elect street bosses

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