Psuv Sucre seeks to strengthen organizational methods of its structures

Psuv Sucre seeks to strengthen organizational methods of its structures

With the firm intention of discussing new actions that contribute to raising the state of social welfare of the population, in addition to strengthening the revolutionary process in Sucre state, the structures of the state and municipal political teams of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) maintain territorial deployments in the different municipalities of the eastern geography.

So far, the meetings have been held in the municipalities of Sucre (Cumaná), Ribero (Cariaco), Mejía (San Antonio del Golfo), Benítez (El Pilar), Arismendi (Río Caribe), Andrés Eloy Blanco (Casanay), Andrés Mata (San José de Areocual) and Libertador (Tunapuy), informed Luis Sifontes, state organizer of the PSUV.

In this context, he indicated that the deployments correspond to the guidelines issued by the National Directorate of the red awning, where it is mandatory to maintain permanent meetings with the base and media structures of the party.

organization of structures

During the meetings, technical work groups are formed for the debate and socialization of strategies and proposals, aimed at improving the methods of organization, mobilization and training of the different structures of the PSUV.

“We are responding to the call to go to a deep debate on how to strengthen all the structures of our party, how we can move forward and strengthen the party-government relationship, and how to continue advancing in what implies the consolidation of unity and the construction of socialism,” he said.

In this regard, Governor Gilberto Pinto stressed that the political organization is the “only” party capable of allowing grassroots structures to articulate and implement new sociopolitical actions to meet the needs of the population, framed in the 1×10 of Good Government .

He indicated that the permanent deployment with the base structures guarantee the creation of a route of problems and effective solutions.

“The heads of the Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (Ubch), community and street leaders together with their work teams are our eyes in the territories, they are the ones who know the real needs and know what actions to implement to solve them, That is why the importance of these meetings that allow us to socialize and create a map of problems and solutions for the welfare of the people. President Nicolás Maduro has instructed us to govern together with popular power and that is precisely what we are doing,” said the political head of the state.

He stressed that the regional government is married to the communal forces, an action that will guarantee the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution and the victory of President Nicolás Maduro, in the upcoming electoral battles from the Sucre entity.

Militancy will begin house-to-house deployment

In order to demonstrate the organization and unity of the PSUV militancy, the members of the state and municipal parochial political teams together with the bases will deploy house to house to directly address the concerns of the people.

“We are going to guarantee the perfect conformation of the Good Government as a single team, a single monolithic force to strengthen care for our people,” said Pinto.

next meetings

This weekend the territorial deployment is planned in the municipalities of Montes (Cumanacoa) and Bolívar (Marigüitar), with the fundamental objective of continuing to conquer spaces and consolidating the Bolivarian project as the main axis towards the social, political and economic transformation of the country.

  • Psuv Sucre seeks to strengthen organizational methods of its structures

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