PSUV enarbola el ejemplo de grandeza, entrega, sacrificio y lucha de Fidel Castro

PSUV raises the example of greatness, dedication, sacrifice and struggle of Fidel Castro

Here is the full text:

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela PSUV celebrates the 96th Anniversary of the Birth of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, patriot, hero and Latin American revolutionary leader FIDEL CASTRO RUZ, Commander of the dignity of the free peoples of the world, whose determination and eternal love for the people Cuban and for the freedom of the homeland of JOSÉ MARTÍ, ANTONIO MACEO and CARLOS MANUEL DE CÉSPEDES, led him to the brilliant political work of leading a definitive Revolution of Independence that became an example of dignity for an entire continent.

This telluric force that was the fundamental banner of the liberation of its people, continues to lead with its example the struggles of the Latin American peoples to build with their own step, unbreakable will and without giving up their haughty morals for a moment, a better future for both their beloved and our sister Republic of Cuba, as well as for the nations of the continent.

As stated by our Commander HUGO CHAVEZ: *. Fidel is still in the front line of battle: he has never left nor will he leave it. From the trench of ideas, this great father of the revolutionaries and revolutionaries of Our America continues to guide us. His word is, more than ever, necessary and illuminating, now when the empire strikes back (…) I remembered the poet: «Open your gates, story that we are entering with Fidel. With the horse. And from afar! we shout as always: Fatherland, Socialism or Death!! Overcome!”

Today with that transcendental guide “in time and space that is Commander FIDEL CASTRO RUZ, the men and women of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela PSUV continue to uphold his example of greatness, dedication, sacrifice and perseverance in the fight , in the debate of ideas, in the creation and in the ability to defend its people from inhuman aggression by an empire determined to recolonize us and us to defeat each one of its plans of aggression with the Cuban leader as part of our flags and sacred reasons.

In it we revive his heroic reflection that transcends time and is projected towards the future of the struggles of humanity today in necessary survival against those who seek to retrace years of patriotic battles for freedom.

FIDEL CASTRO RUZ clearly states that the entire amount for the Caribbean and for South America, Latin America and the developing world is of great importance to President Chávez and to me. And none of us, nor any country, are anything if they do not unite their strength and integrate against those historical tendencies to plunder and destruction.

And these trends are building something worse than economic crises, they are building a crisis of survival for humanity. It is no longer a matter of fighting to be better, it is now a matter of fighting for survival, because at the same time that it runs out, due to that enormous waste that President Chávez was talking about, the oil runs out when it runs out at the rate at which is consuming today, it will have liquidated the conditions of life within the planet.”

With his living and current message, on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of his birth, from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela we say to the world:






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