PSUV in Anzoátegui started renovation of base structures

PSUV in Anzoátegui started renovation of base structures

“Chavismo in Anzoátegui is happy and in renewal to enhance the strength of our PSUV party, this is how we began the process of electing more than 80,000 women and men to form our teams in the streets, communities and UBCh,” he reported this Friday. the state liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Luis José Marcano.

The announcement was made during a meeting with the political militancy teams of the Simón Bolívar and Urbaneja municipalities held at the Centro ítalo Venezolano de Oriente (CIVO) in Barcelona.

The process of renewing the base structures in Anzoátegui, highlighted Marcano, began with this informative assembly following guidelines from the PSUV’s national leadership.

“An army that will be elected in popular assemblies with the broad participation of our militancy, with a secret vote based on a regulation that guarantees total transparency,” he added.

In the company of mayors, deputies and deputies to the National Assembly and the State Legislative Council (Cleanz) and the organized popular power, he announced that this Saturday, August 13, the popular assemblies will begin for the election of 600 Hugo Chávez Battle Units ( UBCh), 16 thousand street bosses, leaders and leaders, three instances of the base management in more than 2 thousand 200 communities of the 58 parishes that are part of the 21 municipalities of the entity.

“There are more than 80,000 women and men who will be selected to make work teams,” Marcano said, while stating that from now on they will be deployed in the Anzoatiguense territory to carry out this process “which will strengthen and refresh the capacities of our party in the face of what the new victories will be.

He reiterated that the entire leadership is committed to complying with this process that has been guided by regulations that are sufficiently clear and that they are focused on ensuring that the process develops in peace and harmony.

“What we are going to see in the streets and communities with the choice of these leaders is a party. The important thing is that the unity of the main party of the Bolivarian revolution is strengthened,” said the revolutionary leader.

He commented that in all the spaces they have the logistical and operational conditions to make this a successful process. The political organization replicated this meeting in the different municipalities of the entity.

With these actions, the government party led by President Nicolás Maduro is preparing to triumph in the 2024 presidential elections, guaranteeing the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The dates for the base restructuring process

In the Fifth Congress of the red party, it was agreed to restructure all the structures of this political organization to make a thorough evaluation and adapt the party to the goals, tasks and challenges that are to come.

After meetings and preparatory meetings, it was agreed that the restructuring will be done in phases.

On August 13 and 14, each state must hold informative assemblies where the modification processes will be detailed and the participation of popular power will be promoted.

The second phase begins on August 20 with the street leadership election assemblies.

Meanwhile, for the 27th of this month the assemblies for the selection of the community teams are scheduled.

The last stage of the process is on September 3, and it proposes the holding of UBCH team election assemblies.

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