PSUV Falcón chose propellants to renew the bases

PSUV Falcón chose propellants to renew the bases

During this weekend, the leadership and militancy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Falcón state, held a day of informative assemblies for the process of renewing the party’s base structures in each community.

In Falcón, a widely participatory process was developed in more than 11,700 informative assemblies in the 25 municipalities of the state. This was reported by Jesús León, organization coordinator of the PSUV Falcón.

“In the state of Falcón, from Saturday and Sunday, 11,700 informative street assemblies and the election of 11,740 promoters were held (…) which has allowed 100% of our streets to already have their promoter and the information required to start the campaign. process of renewing our basic structures».

Propellers will undergo a renovation process

He argued that the promoters will be responsible for carrying out the renovation process of each of the structures, adhering to the methodology guided by the national leadership and in a transparent process charged with great popular awareness.

As for the schedule of these activities that will take place over a month, he reported that next Saturday, August 20, “the election of street leaders will be held; on the 27th (corresponds) the election of the community team; and by September 3, the leaders of the 728 Bolívar and Chávez Battle Units (UBCh) throughout the Falcón state would be chosen.”

León assured that this weekend “was a day of joy, of a militant spirit and obedience to the mandate given by the V Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and fourth of the party’s youth.”

Renovation of the structure

On Friday the 12th, in a large informative assembly led by the political chief and liaison of the party’s national leadership for the state of Falcón, Victor Clark, the militancy was oriented on the methodology and actions for the deployment that will allow the renovation of the structures base.

The 25 municipal political teams, youth and popular power were present at this assembly, who said they were present at the call, as directed by the party’s national leadership, through the first vice president, Diosdado Cabello.

“We are going with more strength and courage to consolidate from the PSUV Falcón all our renewed and reborn machinery in the face of the victories to come,” said Governor Clark.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of respecting the bases “that no one tries to censor, we are going through a beautiful process of legitimizing our structures and the bases are clear about which are the leaderships that have worked during all these years to consolidate themselves in their spaces.”

«There is a unitary, convening, simple, participatory, leading spirit of the militancy. We are sure that the PSUV will come out stronger », he added.

He argued that the “powerful machinery” for the New Era of transition to socialism and the new victories to be built from the grassroots will be consolidated as broadly as possible.

  • PSUV Falcón chose propellants to renew the bases

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