PSUV denounces that the US wants to steal Venezuela's resources

PSUV denounces that the US wants to steal Venezuela’s resources

The leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), denounced this Monday that the interests of the United States (USA) are clearly fixed on the country’s energy resources.

This was announced by the first vice president of the red awning, God given hairduring a press conference.

He pointed out that when the US places Venezuela as a topic in its meetings with any authority in the world, what it is looking for is a mechanism to steal the nation’s resources.

In the same way, he highlighted the role of the North American country in the negotiations with the government of Venezuela, and expressed that this government seeks to discredit the president, Nicolás Maduro, despite his experience as a diplomat.

We do not predict success for the United States (USA), unless you sit down with us government to government; not only the United States but any country in the world, the only thing we ask for is respect, more nothing, “said Cabello during the customary weekly press conference of the red awning.

“We are clear about who we are talking to and it is with the historical enemy of the free peoples of the world, we are talking to imperialism in its different forms,” ​​he added.

Monomers Case

Likewise, Diosdado Cabello referred to the disputes within the opposition over the administration of the Monómeros company and assured that these are due to the fact that some “have stolen more than others.”

He assured that, since imperialism and the government of Iván Duque delivered Monómeros to the imaginary government of Juan Guaidó, the company stopped producing dividends and benefits for our country.

“Monómeros was the payment of Juanito Alimaña and his combo to the Government of Duque for the favors received,” he said.

Likewise, he criticized that “leaders” of the right such as Leopoldo López now try to hide their participation in the theft of Monómeros. “Now he says that he doesn’t know anything about the company, but he doesn’t say that his mother recently received some supposed advice,” he said.

On the other hand, he expressed his confidence that with the coming to power of the newly elected presidententity of Colombia, Gustavo Petrorelations between the two countries can be regularized and justice is done for the issue of Monomers.

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