PSUV declares war against corruption "wherever it comes from"

PSUV declares war against corruption “wherever it comes from”

This Saturday, the second plenary session of the V Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the IV Congress of the Youth of the Red Tent took place, where the promotion of a new code of ethics aimed at eradicating deviations was discussed. that lead to corruption.

In the meeting of the delegates of this party that took place in the spaces of the Teresa Carreño Theater in the city of Caracas, its first vice president, Diosdado Cabello, insisted on the importance of the fight against bureaucratization and corruption.

“We have proposed to present a revolutionary code of ethics to the militancy,” he advanced and specified that this new instrument should promote a higher level of responsibility of the militancy and rulers belonging to the red awning.

Do not be afraid of the complaint

As part of the diversions that should be avoided, Cabello recalled the recent revelation of relations with drug trafficking by several PSUV leaders in a Zulia municipality.

“We cannot allow the Colombianization of politics in Venezuela and that was a stab at the heart of the Revolution,” he pointed out while criticizing that this happened without there being a complaint about it.

“No one noticed? No one saw anything? Did no one suspect anything?, she questioned while urging “not to fear the complaint.”

“We cannot fear the complaint, we must denounce it to take the corrective measures, it is us, we do not expect someone else to come to do it, we must do it today so that our children do not have to come in 20 years to do it, “he said.

He stressed that “against these mafias we are obliged to fight, whatever it is called, carry out the function it fulfills, but we are obliged to fight.”

leadership honesty

Cabello referred to the need to promote “revolutionary values” and highlighted the honesty that marks the leadership of the socialist group.

“Those who know President Nicolás Maduro know of his honesty, they will never see Nicolás promoting businesses or groups,” he said and assured that “no one has invited me to conspire, after 4F no one, because they know that I I am not going to betray and nobody has invited me to do a business, because they know that I am going to send him to hell whatever his name is».

He called so that from this conclave of the psuvistas “we continue advancing in the tasks that touch us and we make this congress the rebirth of our revolutionary spirit.”

«Let’s make this congress reborn. Stay away from the weaknesses, let’s stay away from the temptations that you know who they are (…) let’s be careful that someone may suddenly be interested in one, “he asked.

He insisted on the call to be alert “to know where the deviations are as a revolutionary and as a revolutionary, and whoever has a doubt stop and think what Chávez would do and I guarantee that he will be acting in a revolutionary manner without any type of vices.”

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