Venezuela pagó el avión para retornar connacionales desde Chile

PSUV clarifies that Venezuela paid for the plane to return compatriots from Chile

“It is good to clarify that the plane put it, Venezuela paid for it,” warned the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), God given hairwhen specifying that the more than 110 Venezuelan migrants who were abandoned between Chile and Peru, returned on a foreign commercial line, since the Conviasa planes could not land in Chile, where the authorities refused to provide fuel service.

During the weekly press conference of the government party, Cabello clarified that the recent flight was thanks to the efforts of the Bolivarian Revolution. “Venezuela has returned more than 35,000 people with Vuelta a la Patria, a plan that Maduro’s maluco put at the disposal of Venezuelans,” he said satirically.

“In some cases where we have not been able to go with our planes, because the governments of those countries do not allow us to supply fuel, because the gringos scold them and do not let them sleep at night,” he graphically exemplified.

Likewise, Cabello regretted the mob attack against migrants that occurred in Texas, USA, where some Venezuelans were fatalities and for which the Venezuelan government has requested an in-depth investigation from the US authorities. “These are sad facts, to our families our condolences, affection and respect. This is part of the pain that all Venezuelans bear.”

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The socialist leader recalled that it was Commander Chávez who had already foreseen the campaign of oppositionist fear to push the artificial migration of Venezuelans, especially a part of the youth. “Chávez denounced, with his genius and wisdom, before it happened. He told the boys and girls, what are you going to do outside of Venezuela? Stay here, building your country!”

He warned that it was the right-wing opposition that promoted this campaign to leave families, and that now they say that there are more than eight million people who are out. “They charge for saying that number, which is not true, but they charge every time they increase that number.”

But the campaign was terrible and adding the promotion of sanctions, they led some outside the borders to suffer work, repression and abandonment of those Latin American governments.

“A campaign against the people, the youth. We have always said: we accompany Commander Chávez and President Maduro, we invite those who are abroad that their country is here, their families, we accompany each other here (…) we say: return to your country, no one will harm you, here you will find a government that supports them.



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