PSB nominates Alckmin as vice to compose ticket with Lula in the elections

PSB nominates Alckmin as vice to compose ticket with Lula in the elections

In a meeting held today (8) in a hotel in São Paulo, the PSB officially nominated Geraldo Alckmin to be vice president on the ticket with the PT, which intends to launch the candidacy of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the Presidency of the Republic. . Alckmin’s name as deputy on Lula’s ticket still needs to be approved by the PT’s National Directorate.PSB nominates Alckmin as vice to compose ticket with Lula in the elections

“In order to add power and breadth to the resistance against authoritarianism that will be led by comrade Lula, the PSB proposes the name of comrade Geraldo Alckmin to compose the ticket. your qualities [de Geraldo Alckmin] are known and recognized, among which it is worth mentioning a long and honorable public life, perseverance in the defense of democracy and the practices that correspond to it, the balance of those who believe in dialogue between different people, the tranquility of those who aim for the public good”. wrote the national president of the PSB, Carlos Siqueira, in a letter that he delivered today (8) to the national president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, at the meeting in São Paulo.

In 2006, Lula and Alckmin contested the second round of the presidential election and the then president was re-elected for a second term.

In the letter, Siqueira highlights that the proposal for a union between the two parties is not limited to elections, but “involves a programmatic dimension, since the composition of a broad front requires the formulation of a program that corresponds to the perspectives of the forces that compose it. , both in partisan political terms and in terms of the segments of civil society that this front intends to represent”.

“Important to know that this ticket here, if it is formalized, is not just for contesting the elections. Perhaps winning the elections is easier than the task ahead of us to recover this country. We are going to talk to the whole of Brazilian society, to businessmen, to workers in this country,” Lula said during the meeting.

“I thank you for the trust and honor in the nomination of my name to the PT and to President Lula for the possibility of composing a slate to work for the country. Here the serious moment we are living was well explained. In reality, this is not a time for selfishness: it is a time for generosity, political greatness, detachment and unity. Politics is not a solitary art. The force of politics is centripetal and we are going to join efforts there for the reconstruction of our country”, said Alckmin, at the event.

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