Protesters denounce that officials attacked them and incited violence in Pacora

Protesters who kept the road closed denounced that government envoys infiltrated the area to cause confrontations, according to the leader Kevin Sánchez, officials came to the area, specifically from the community boards of areas near this road.

Sánchez alleged that the representatives of townships went in the company of their staff to demand the opening of the passage for vehicles, despite the fact that there was an open lane, while they alleged that they could not clear the road since that was the decision of the people. . He said that the officials and his staff attacked them with sticks, stones and different types of objects and that later the riot police proceeded to remove them from the road.

Given what happened, the Ombudsman Eduardo Leblanc went to the area to verify what was happening and called for peace, which according to him should last during the negotiations taking place in the province of Coclé, at the Cristo Redentor seminary in Penonomé.

“We came here because there is a situation of people against people, we already had a presence here in the Chepo Region, we decided to support… A group against the demonstrators came quickly and they faced stones; For now we have 3 people injured, the crowd control police approached to stop this confrontation”, he explained and reiterated that call for peace and asked the executive to take action to guarantee the rights of the population and avoid these clashes of people. against town.

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