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Protest in front of the Plaza de Mayo: what will the tractorazo be like this afternoon

Protest in front of the Plaza de Mayo: what will the tractorazo be like this afternoon

Producers from different provinces of the country participate in the tractorazo whose purpose is to protest against the management of President Alberto Fernández in the Plaza de Mayo. The activity was called through social networks and also promoted by members of the opposition.

The tractorazo will have leaders of Together for Change, received authorization from the Buenos Aires Government, which will allow the entry of vehicles to spaces of great influx. From activity Producers who are not members of any rural entity participate.

The producers will arrive at Plaza de Mayo.

Several rural organizations spoke out to clarify that they will not join the claim, while the Argentine Rural Society clarified that it is not part of the organization of the tractorazobut its leadership will be in the mobilization.

In the call they claim for the rise in prices, the lack of security and tax issues. Although they maintain that the call is not political, only entities linked to the opposition and organizations that stand out more in social networks appear.

The mobilization will be supported by leaders of Together for Change.

Among the organizers of the mobilization there is the Argentine Association of Self-Convened Producers and United Chacareros, a group that. Although it is known virtually, they do not have legal status.

There were several meeting points for private vehicles on national routes 8 and 9. The tractors moved along Libertador and Udaondo Avenues towards Plaza de Mayo where the main event will take place, scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

Producers moved from different provinces of the country.

The controversial authorization of the city

The Minister of Security of the city of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro, assured that he received a communication from the organizers of the tractorazo to explain that they would demonstrate during the morning to minimize mobility inconveniences, especially in the Metrobus lanes.

The self-convened are not affiliated to any registered organization.

Although he does not do it with other types of protests, the Buenos Aires official assured that the permit backed by the National Constitution was authorized, because all citizens have the right to claim and petition the authorities.

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