Prosecutors travel to Colombia for stews in Monomers

Prosecutors travel to Colombia for stews in Monomers

Three prosecutors and two general directors of the Public Ministry (MP) in matters of corruption and organized crime will travel in the next few hours to Colombia in order to delve into the acts of corruption in the agrochemical company Monómeros, a subsidiary of Pequiven, based in the New Granada city of Barranquilla.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported that they will travel to the neighboring country to have the certification “of the brutal corruption that protected the government of former President Iván Duque in the Monómeros company.”

The general directors Ángel Fuenmayor and Fernando Silva against Corruption and Organized Crime, respectively, are the high officials of the MP commissioned to travel to Colombia. Regarding the three prosecutors, no information about their names was provided.

It will be up to these officials to collect at the headquarters of the Venezuelan state company all the information on the acts of corruption registered in Monómeros, of which the false directors of the Pequiven subsidiary appointed by the “interim” of the former Voluntad Popular deputy Juan Guaido.

The announcement comes a few days after Saab limited the validity of the 23 arrest warrants against the false members of the Monómeros board of directors, including Guillermo Rodríguez Laprea, pseudo-director general, currently managed by the G4 (Primero Justicia, Popular Will, A new Time and the extremist wing of AD).

The rest are: Rogelio Rafael Lozada Briceño, Enrique Torres Galavis, Jon Mirena Bilbao Baroja, Maira Zoila Olivares Acevedo, Freddy Roy Goerke García, Fernando Assenjo Rosillo, Mireya Ripanti De Amaya, Jorge Yánez Jiménez, Iván Ángel Ivanoff Socorro, Tom Gustavo Delfino, José Alberto De Antonio, Carmen Elisa Hernández de Castro, Javier Ricardo Linares Peña, José Ignacio González Álvarez, Rafael Ángel Primera Naveda, Ceimi Dayana Martínez Budez, Yadid Jalaff Reyes, Ramón Antonio Crespo Mores, Nelson Rafael Della Roca, Luis Alfieri Hurtado, Fernando Mariano Paredes Niño and Jean Paul Dugarte Ortiz.

“We are not ruling out new arrest warrants or red alerts,” Saab said last Saturday.

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