Prosecutor’s Office specified that Nazareth Marín suffered collective sexual violence

The Public Ministry determined that Nazareth Marín (27) suffered sexual violence perpetrated by the three people who traveled with her to Los Angeles beach (La Guaira) on March 19.

Marín worked in the administrative area of ​​the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamef). His body was located on Thursday, March 23, in the vicinity of the northern port of Bolivariana de Puertos (Bolipuertos), La Guaira.

For this fact, five people are charged, including two Cicpc officials, according to a file opened in the La Guaira Criminal Judicial Circuit. But on May 26, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ordered that the file be removed from La Guaira and transferred to Caracas so that it could be heard by another court, according to sentence 193 drafted by magistrate Elsa Gómez Moreno.

This decision of the Criminal Chamber was taken as a result of an approach made by the Public Ministry, represented on that occasion by prosecutors José Luis Fangelis Rivas Barboza and Pedro Luis Rojas Caraballo.

In the document where they propose the filing of the criminal proceedings opened against the five defendants, the prosecutors of the Public Ministry explained the circumstances in which the death of Nazareth Marín occurred. There it is stated that Nazareth went to Los Angeles beach (La Guaira) at the invitation of Cicpc detective Keisler Josué Pérez. They traveled in a Toyota Corolla owned by Derwin Jesús Ruíz Mujica, where Miller Andreína Ochoa was also traveling.

When they got to the beach they met Kenny Robert Díaz Evies, Johan Copete, his wife and two children. “They begin to share together, drinking alcoholic beverages but also consuming narcotic substances of the so-called tusy,” says the Prosecutor’s Office.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. on that Sunday, March 19, Nazareth disappeared, a situation that Miller Andreína reported to her other colleagues, “in order to establish her alibi for the visitors who were still on the beach.” , according to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The alibi consisted of “making those present who were still in the place see that Nazareth had disappeared and that they did not know his whereabouts. They knew exactly what was happening”, concludes the Public Ministry.

The investigation indicates that after Nazareth’s disappearance, his friends made fun of that fact, saying out loud “that he had left with someone else.” After that, Miller, Keisler, Derwin and Kenny left the beach at 10 pm for the El Charro Azul tavern, located in Catia, where they stayed until 4 am on Monday, March 20, the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

“They decided to continue celebrating the disappearance and death of Nazareth as well as the sexual violence that they had collectively practiced against their victim,” says the Public Ministry.

The day after the incident, Nazareth’s mother called her cell phone and Detective Keisler answered. She asked him to take her to the beach where her daughter disappeared and he agreed to “continue with her alibi, in order to show collaboration with the victim’s mother,” interprets the Prosecutor’s Office.

Regarding the role played by the head of the Cicpc-La Guaira Homicide Division, Alexander Ventura, the Public Ministry clarified that this official had “full knowledge of the perpetrators”, of the violent death and sexual abuse suffered by Nazaret ” opting to use his position to hide proceedings and expertise involving citizens Derwin Ruíz and Kenny Díaz.” These two are accused of aggravated femicide and sexual violence.

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