Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía requests 20 years in prison for a Traiguén judicial official who kept firearms in his home

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía requested this Tuesday the sentence of 20 years in prison for the judicial official of the Traiguén commune, Juan Pablo Pirce Valenzuelafor five crimes linked to the infraction of the Weapons Law.

It should be noted that in April 2021, in the midst of an investigation into drug possession, police broke into Pirce’s home, finding heavy-caliber weapons in his rooms, for which his arrest continued.

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The witnesses, both friends of the accused, ruled out any version of “set-up” by the police, detailing what they did that day with Pirce and how he became nervous when the police arrived, and then tried to get rid of the weapons ( According to the police report to which he had access Third) towards a property in his father’s name, William Pierceformer member of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI) and former governor of Malleco.


The High Complexity Prosecutor, Hector Leyva, is the one who presents the accusation before the Traiguén Guarantee Court, where Pirce worked. The latter has caused some judges to be disqualified from the case for having ties with the accused.

In the text presented by Leiva, he specifies the crimes for which Juan Pablo Pirce is accused:

  • Illegal possession of conventional firearms: three years and one day in prison are requested.
  • Illegal possession of prohibited firearms: five years and one day.
  • Illegal possession of weapons that constitute material for war use: five years and one day.
  • Illegal possession of ammunition: three years and one day.
  • Possession of explosive devices: four years in prison.

Guns seized from Pirce’s home and his father’s property

The text presented by the prosecutor also details the weapons that were seized by the police officers from the home of the accused and the property that is in the name of his father:

  • A rifle.
  • a rifle
  • A revolver.
  • A gun.
  • A handmade explosive device called a Niple with a splinter propagation device.
  • A nylon ziploc bag containing Trinitrotoluene.
  • Ammunition commonly known as TNT.
  • Two grams of cannabis sativa.
  • Different types of cartridges.
  • Two rifle magazines with a total of 39 cartridges.
  • A conventional machine gun with two chargers that held 57 cartridges inside.
  • Shrapnel propagation devices.
  • Detonation elements for handmade explosives
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