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Prosecutor’s Office handles an average of 80 cases of family violence per day

The Public Ministry handled a total of 24,894 cases of family violence between January and October of this year, which represented an average of 80 each day, according to a report released by the entity.

In addition, according to the statistics of the Prosecutor’s Office, March is the month with the highest number of complaints -a total of 2,974-, followed by January (2,787 cases) and July (2,570).

The investigating body stated that family violence represented the “most reported” crime in 2021, with an average of 2,440 victims treated for this cause each month and 80 per day.

Between January and December of last year, complaints for family violence amounted to 29,288.

In that sense, the Prosecutor’s Office warned that in 2021 there was an increase “of almost eight cases per day, in relation to 2020”, when an average of 71 daily victims were received.

When recounting the figures for family violence in the country, the investigative body announced that in 2015 10,164 complaints were registered, which rose to 13,142 cases in 2016 and 16,600 in 2017.​​

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According to official statistics, cases rose to 21,840 in 2018; ​they amounted to 26,039 in 2019 and 26,241 in 2020.

“Between 2015 and 2021 there was an increase of 159%” in the complaints received, that office added.

​This Friday, the results of the National Survey on the Situation of Women in Paraguay (Ensimup 2021) were announced,​ ​on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women​​.​

The study, presented by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), revealed that eight out of ten Paraguayan women “aged 18 and over” have experienced some type of violence in their lives.

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