Prosecutor’s Office does not have images of the affected area

Giovanni Grisetti, one of the prosecutors in charge of the investigation of the fire in the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), affirmed in a second press conference that he must still cross-check information and share it with other agents.

The fiscal agent affirmed that they only have images of block A of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), but not of the interior of block G, where the incident occurred. These images will be subjected to forensic work to see if they can be used for investigations.

One of the reasons for the constitution of the Public Ministry at the headquarters of the TSJE was for the extraction of images from the closed circuit. This is DVR equipment to be able to submit it to forensic studies.

The prosecutor stressed that Jaime Bestard, head of the TSJE, made himself available to enable all the necessary mechanisms for the delivery of the footage. Thanks to the data provided, it was possible to reach them. Now we will proceed to extract the content of those who did not perish by fire and water.

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