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May 16, 2022
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Prosecutors monitor due process in Huancavelica

Prosecutors monitor due process in Huancavelica

Yesterday were the internal elections of political organizations that will participate in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections; and in order for this process to develop normally, the Huancavelica Prosecutor’s Office deployed prosecutors to the polling places.

Prosecutors in internal elections.

Thus, less than an hour before the voting closes, the president of the Huancavelica Board of Prosecutors, Luis Valdivia, reported that there were no cases of criminal content during the internal elections; however, he reported that, of the 60 polling stations, only 43 were installed.


As of 07:00 hours, the prosecutors, as well as the police and the staff of the ONPE (National Office of Electoral Processes) and the JNE (National Election Board) were in the polling places.

“Before seven in the morning, the prosecutors were already in the polling places. According to the jurisdiction of the headquarters of the Fiscal District of Huancavelica, the prosecutors were distributed in 17 educational institutions, so there are 15 prosecutors who are participating,” Valdivia reported.

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He added: “One of them is covering three institutions and they are from the districts of Capillas, Huacho and San Juan, in the province of Castrovirreyna.”

It should be noted that the other prosecutors have participated in the internal elections in only one polling place.

“There have been no cases of impersonation or other cases of criminal activity during this internal election process, it was only recorded that, of 60 voting tables, only 43 were installed, the others were empty.”

He added: “The Prosecutor’s Office will be waiting for the decisions of the ONPE to be able to collaborate in what is missing from this internal election process that will be the following Sunday (May 22, 2022)”.

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12:00 hours was the limit at which the polling stations in the Huancavelica region could be installed.

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