Mother of a teenager who would denounce Penadés was threatened by phone

Prosecutor of the Penadés case sees no evidence of the alleged “plot” against the senator

General Prosecutor of the Nation

The senator for the National Party, Gustavo Penadesclaims to be the victim of an alleged conspiracy orchestrated by an individual with a history of scam. However, the prosecutor in the case, Alicia Ghione, has declared that there is no evidence to support said accusation, since the complaints come from people from different social backgrounds and there is no connection between them.

The alleged victims do not know each othernor do they have any relationship with the first complainant, Romina Celeste Papasso Oliver. Nor is there any relationship between the accusations and the indicated young man, Jonathan Mastropierrowho is now pointed out by Penadés as allegedly responsible for a plot to harm the senator of white affiliation.

mastropierro has a criminal record for scam, having been sentenced to 20 months in prison for five crimes of this nature, one of them when he was 18 years old and another at 19.

In response to these accusations, Mastropierro filed a complaint for defamation and libel, urging the senator to be more careful with the words he uses when referring to himself. Through his social networks, the young man expressed: “I urge Mr. Gustavo Penadés to consider his statements about me. My criminal cases are closed and are not relevant in this context.”

In an interview with The ObserverMastropierro admitted having sexual encounters with Penadés in exchange for money when he was 17 years, as well as on a later occasion when he was of legal age. During this last meeting, photographs were taken in a high turnover hotel, where there was another underage person present. These images were later disseminated and became public domain.

It is worth mentioning that Mastropierro has been summoned by the courts as a witness and is not part of the group of complainants in this case. In addition, he has no relationship with the other people who have filed complaints or with Romina Celeste Papasso.

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