Prosecutor of the Nation will not attend the Council of State for being in charge of investigations against Castillo

Prosecutor of the Nation will not attend the Council of State for being in charge of investigations against Castillo

The Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, reported that she will not attend the session of the Council of State called for this Sunday, November 27, for being in charge of various investigations against the President of the Republic, .

Through a statement, the Public Ministry indicated that “It is not consistent with institutional autonomy to participate in this Council of State due to its truly political nature”.

“The inter-institutional position of the Public Ministry expressed at all times is that the principle of separation of powers and the current constitutional and legal order be respected”he pointed.

“Democracy demands that all the powers of the Peruvian State, constitutionally autonomous bodies, public institutions, political actors and civil society act in harmony with constitutional values ​​and, above all, in strict respect of the current Political Constitution”he added.

Finally, the National Prosecutor’s Office stressed that it will continue to fulfill its constitutional functions with autonomy, respecting the democratic order and the foundations of the rule of law.

As recalled, the president of the Judiciary, Elvia Barrios Alvarado, invited the president Pedro Castillo and the head of the Congress of the Republic, José Williams (Avanza País), to a council of state to be held this Sunday 27.

According to the call sent by that State power, the meeting will be held at the Government Palace at noon “with the purpose of adopting actions that guarantee the democratic governance of the Nation, based on inter-institutional dialogue and within the framework of the Political Constitution”.

After the meeting, a public statement will be issued on the agreements adopted at the meeting at the headquarters of the Executive Branch.

It should be noted that the invitation was made by the head of the Judiciary and the authorities of the constitutional bodies of the State such as the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Ombudsman and the National Board of Justice (JNJ).


The president of Congress, José Williams, assured that the agreement of the Board of Directors on the question of confidence presented by the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, has been to reject it outright. (Source: Congress TV)

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