Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, will continue with the investigation of Pedro Castillo

Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, will continue with the investigation of Pedro Castillo

the new prosecutor of the Nation, confirmed that she will continue with the investigation against the president in the same terms in which Pablo Sánchez directed it, who led the Public Ministry on an interim basis.

At a press conference, after being sworn in, the magistrate pointed out that the process against the president will be carried out respecting due process.

“Regarding the investigation of President Castillo, we are going to follow the same line of investigation initiated by Dr. Pablo Sánchez, since the investigation is carried out according to due process, respecting due process and legal norms, he claimed.

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The Public Ministry is investigating President Pedro Castillo in the framework of the Puente Tarata case, since he allegedly committed the crime of criminal organization.

Minutes earlier, in her inauguration speech, the new head of the Public Ministry announced the creation of a special team dedicated to dealing with major corruption cases.

“I announce the creation of a special team of prosecutors against the corruption of powerwhich will have the purpose of ordering the conduct of investigations and will eradicate conflicts of jurisdiction in specialized subsistences, apply the principle of unity in the investigation for complex cases and give efficiency, effectiveness and speed to the results “he said in his speech.

About this group, Benavides informed that it will be evaluated if the special team that will form will take the investigation against President Pedro Castillo. In the next few days he will announce the name of the prosecutor who will head it.


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