Public Ministry announces "exemplary punishments" for bullying

Prosecutor investigates military procedure in Mesuca

The Public Ministry opened an investigation to clarify the events that occurred on Tuesday night at the Mesuca Sports Center, where a 15-year-old teenager was shot dead, according to judicial sources. They presume that the perpetrators of that death are members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

In this sense, two prosecutors of Fundamental Rights were appointed who have already initiated the investigations.

The representatives of the Public Ministry are expected to question the officials of the Urban Security Detachment (Desur) of the GNB who carried out the procedure at the Mesuca Sports Center, Petare, Sucre municipality (Miranda).

Likewise, the Fundamental Rights prosecutors will interrogate the guard of the aforementioned sports facility, who was the one who notified the GNB agents about the presence of a group of young people in the Sports Center.

Precisely, as a result of that alert launched by the security guard, the soldiers were activated, who moved to the site and allegedly shot at the boys who at that moment ran out of the Sports Center.

In this procedure, Leónidas Albornoz Martínez was killed due to the impact of projectiles and two minors were arrested, who were later released.

Relatives and neighbors of Mesuca denounced that the military acted excessively, since the boys present at the Sports Center only went to bathe in the pool.

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