Prosecutor Fossati summoned Leal after Astesiano declared that he visited his parents

Prosecutor Fossati summoned Leal after Astesiano declared that he visited his parents

Former Presidential Custodian Alexander Astesiano denounced before the prison authorities that the former director of Coexistence and Citizen Security in the previous government of the Broad Front, Gustavo Leal, visited his parents and offered them money and help for your son.

Leal, for his part, denied that the story is true. “Wait until Thursday and you will know the whole truth. They are going to be surprised,” she said. “Disclosing false information has legal consequences”.

On Thursday, Leal must testify before the prosecutor Gabriela Fossati, who is carrying out the Astesiano case, who cited him in the last hours.

The complaint by the former presidential custodian, who promises to raise the temperature of the political confrontation between the government and the opposition, was presented by Astesiano on February 3 before the authorities of the Punta de Rieles prison, through administrative channels.

Expressly consulted as to whether he wanted to file a criminal complaint, Astesiano said no, that he only wanted to record the situation.

The statements of the former presidential custodian were stamped on a record and were later forwarded to Fossati, police sources said.

Prosecutor Fossati carries out the Astesiano case

In the record drawn up in jail, Astesiano points out that when his parents went to visit him they told him that Leal had come to their house on the Brazilian side of Barra del Chuy offering them “help” for their detained son and money so they could come visit him in Montevideo..

As he declared to the prison authorities, Astesiano decided that, from that moment on, his father was removed from the list of people who can visit himso as not to find out anything else about it.

After this statement by Astesiano reached Fossati’s office, and after obtaining authorization from the Brazilian authorities, the police went to the home of Raúl Astesiano, father of the ex-custodian, who ratified what was denounced by his sonthe sources said.

The news coincides with a surprise summons from Fossati to Leal so that he can testify next Thursday in the Astesiano case.

Leal told El Observador that he received the summons on Saturday the 11th and that he was not informed of the reason.

“Prosecutor Fossati summoned me to testify as a witness to provide information on the Astesiano case. I confirmed to him that I will do it with great pleasure, ”she pointed out. “In the communication that she made to me, she does not refer to any specific topic since that is reserved. I am going as a witness to provide information in a reserved investigation.

Asked if he had met with Astesiano’s father, Leal responded emphatically:

“Astesiano is a criminal and a manipulator. Wait until Thursday and you will know the whole truth. They will be surprised. He is accused of setting up a criminal association. There must be a reason. I’m not afraid of him, nor is he going to blackmail me.

Meanwhile, Fernando Pereira, the president of the Broad Front, said he was completely unaware of the situation.

Lawyer looking for work

On the other hand, Astesiano also denounced that a lawyer visited him in prison and offered his services arguing that it was “friend of the prosecutor Fossati” and with her as a defender he would do better in the cause.

This case was also communicated to the prosecutor Fossati, who decided to denounce it.

As it became known, the complaint fell to the office of prosecutor Brenda Puppo.

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