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Our country is committed to the reactivation of its tourism sector and presents itself this Easter as a unique destination for its cultural and ethnic wealth and the recognized kindness of its people.

Source: EFE

In dialogue with Efe, the Minister of Tourism, Sofía Montiel de Afara, said that our country has been working “in a sustained manner” on the training of its operators and the promotion of its tourist offer during these years of pandemic.

“Paraguay does not have beaches, but it has a rich culture to show, a Jesuit path to travel, some peoples with cultural and ethnic wealth, with customs that are very much our own,” he said.

He stressed that the country “does not compete” with other destinations, but rather “shows the best of its essence” and offers “unique experiences”.

For this Holy Week, he said he was “very optimistic” about the high demand for accommodation reservations.

And on the occasion of these dates, he pointed out that the National Secretariat of Tourism (Senatur) reactivated the “Good Host” campaign, aimed at receiving visitors at the points of entry into the country with samples of food, music, dances and other customs.

Other strategies are “Abrazá Paraguay”, aimed at captivating domestic tourists, and “Paraguay Solo para Vos”, which focuses on foreign visitors.

The minister mentioned that her country received in the first quarter of the year tourists from Argentina, mainly, as well as from Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Spain and Germany.

He pointed out that in these first three months the recovery of the sector was gradual, with 24,000 international tourists in January; more than 35,000 in February and over 77,000 visitors in March.

Paraguay recorded around 1.2 million tourists in 2019 who generated more than 499 million dollars in income.

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