Profiles of Colombian consumers when doing market

Profiles of Colombian consumers when doing market

Colombian buyers have learned to easily adapt to new market trends, in search of better prices and quality products. This has become evident in their behavior when making purchases in large stores.

(Analysts believe that inflation will be above 10%).

“We have noticed changes in the way families act, and this is natural in the face of the inflationary pressures of the current economy, for this reason, at Makro we work to provide all the facilities, both in terms of purchase quantity, either from a unit or facilities in price, with the aim of being an ally of our clients”, assured Arnoud Van Wingerde, CEO of Makro Colombia.

Makro, a retail multinational with nearly three decades of experience in Colombia, has detected six types of consumers in recent months:

1. Saver: They are consumers who are aware of the best offers and promotions offered by supermarkets where price is prioritized. This has happened in an inflationary context, where the purchasing power of Colombians has fallen.

It is characterized by seeking the best discount, where sometimes the well-known or more familiar brand can be exchanged for products from supermarkets’ own brands or second brands that maintain quality. Companies like Makro have launched, since the beginning of this year, campaigns as owners of savings, in order to allow buyers, both professionals and families or individuals, to buy at lower prices without sacrificing quality and even take advantage of offers in sizes little ones.

2. The practical consumer: He is interested in the product itself. It is the one that seeks to satisfy their needs, buys by unit, focuses on the lowest prices and high quality products. It is characterized by having short and punctual visits, and it is clear about the items that it is going to acquire.

(Tax reform could increase annual inflation by 1.89%).

3. Omnichannel buyer: This type of shopper checks the weekly flyer, watches TV commercials, makes use of digital shopping options, and searches for the best deal. Find different options to get products, without increasing their price, it is key for this type of consumer. They are active, dedicated, planners and methodical, putting time, resources and dedication in what is best for their home, taking care of their pocket. That is why Makro has developed its own sales channels, through its website, through home apps or through the pick-up in the store.

4. 100% virtual: Buyers called millennials, generations X or Z, mostly used to online consumption. They make most of their purchases through digital channels, where through these same means they seek and receive all kinds of information, opinion and advice, which help them in making purchase decisions.

5. The traditional: They are buyers who, despite technological advances and facilities, retain their customs and love to visit stores physically when it comes to shopping. They stand out because they like direct contact with merchants and promoters, they seek advice on products and offers, and they want to try and touch the products, and even get to compare prices on the shelves. It is the customer profile that always has the weekly offers in the supermarket on their mind, knows the staff and enjoys walking the huge aisles.

(Inflation: which are the Latin American countries with the highest data).

6. The one who looks for large sizes, for more savings: They are consumers who make their purchases in supermarkets that offer wholesale prices, which allows them to optimize expenses and obtain discounts, when buying in family formats. They are personalities who are looking for an option where there is a wide range of sizes for sale and thus buy according to their needs.

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