Professor Gustavo Moncayo, the 'walker for peace', passed away

Professor Gustavo Moncayo, the ‘walker for peace’, passed away

About to turn 70 years old and after suffering a painful illness, passed away in the city of Pasto, Professor Gustavo Guillermo Moncayo Rincón who became known as the ‘teacher Moncayo’ or ‘the walker for peace’.

It all started when from his native sandonáthe father of Army soldier Pablo Emilio Moncayo, began a walk of more than 1,000 kilometers to demand the freedom of his son, who had been kidnapped by the Farc in 1997, during the takeover of Patascoy.

In context: Professor Moncayo, who walked all over Colombia for the freedom of his son, has terminal cancer

At the end of October of this year, Professor Moncayo, he had returned to the city of Pasto looking for an alternative to face liver cancer that he was suffering and that he required a transplant, for which they expected economic reparation from the Farc, in order to advance the medical procedure.

Colombians still remember the march that Professor Moncayo carried out for the freedom of his son Pablo Emilio, who had fallen into the hands of the Farc, when that guerrilla group, the Patascoy military base was taken in lots between Nariño and Putumayoassassinating 10 soldiers and kidnapping 18 more, among them the Cape Moncayoin events that occurred on December 21, 1997.

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In June 2007, in the midst of some dialogues between the FARC and the Colombian State, where the possible humanitarian exchange of hostages for guerrilla prisoners was reviewed, Professor Moncayo began the journey to the city of Bogotáwalking and chained as a symbol of the fight for freedom, there he became ‘the walker for peace’, who achieved the goal when his son was released on March 30, 2010, after the efforts of international organizations and the participation of guarantor countries such as Brazil.

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