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Professional with ‘soft’ skills, the perfect formula for educational transformation

Professional with 'soft' skills, the perfect formula for educational transformation

January 5, 2023, 10:30 AM

January 5, 2023, 10:30 AM

Xavier Pascual, international consultant in educational transformation, assures that, today, higher education demands urgent transformation processes and that the key to achieving successful results lies in harmonizing the professional and human profiles of the student.

The challenge is great, especially if the goal is to achieve competent holistic professionals, that is, people that are able to develop to a high levelbut with a differential value whose base is in the development of human skills, also classified as ‘soft’ skills.

“We no longer only look at the professional profile, now it’s about developing people thatin the future, within their social organizations they will manage to be agents of change and transformation. Therefore, a differential value, without a doubt (…) is that the increasingly changing world requires people who adapt and can help their organizations to advance to another level”, affirms Pascual, Spanish expert from Reimagine Education Lab and advisor to Unifranz in educational innovation processes.

According to this new approach to education, the new professional demanded by the global labor market must have a profile where the personal and the professional have been perfectly reconciled.

The educational transformation claims that it is necessary take a new qualitative leap in university education. Obviously, with success, it was possible to comply with the “professionalizing” approach, but it is still pending to develop the most important thing in this process, which is “the human competence of the person”.

The current challenge of higher education requires harmonizing both profiles, the professional and the human, so that the new professionals are disruptive and generators of new opportunities, because they are people who work as a team, who create and who look for new ways of doing things and not just replicating what already exists. “We need professionals to help us move forward,” says Pascual.

The organizations of this new century are demanding, they are always seeking to improve. There is currently no company or institution that has the luxury of having professionals who remain static and repeat what other professionals did. Societies are constantly evolving and new professionals have to contribute in this titanic task. The challenge for universities is to ensure that these people are capable of creating the world we want.

“Our responsibility as an educational community is to provide the tools and accompany these students so that we can really achieve the world we want. It is people who build the world and it is the people who go through an education and training process (…) that is why it is important to comprehensively develop the professional profile”, he concludes.

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