Proethics: "There is concern that effective collaboration law be modified without considering technical opinions"

Proethics: “There is concern that effective collaboration law be modified without considering technical opinions”

expressed his concern about the modification of the to the effective collaboration law, because it was passed without taking into consideration the technical opinions of specialized agencies.

“We are concerned that Congress modifies the effective collaboration law without considering the technical opinions of the Judiciary, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and limiting the right of citizens to be informed about corruption investigations.”, he asserted.

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At the beginning of this year, unanimously, the Justice Commission approved the prediction through which the Criminal Procedure Code is modified in relation to the special process of effective collaboration.

This legal initiative is included in the agenda of the plenary session of Congress that takes place this Thursday at 9 in the morning.

“Look at what is being debated today. Making adjustments to an instrument such as effective collaboration requires a serious technical debate, not a montage that only seeks to prevent leaks of information to the press”, Samuel Rotta wrote on his social networks

The president of said working group, Gladys Echaíz (APP), stated at the time that among the approved changes is the mandatory presence of the lawyer of the aspiring effective collaborator in all interviews that may occur with the representative of the Public Ministry.

In addition, it considers that the applicant is obliged to provide all the information in his possession and the means that allow the corroboration of the information from the beginning.


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