Producers denounce that the supply of diesel is irregular

Producers denounce that the supply of diesel is irregular

Producers denounce that the supply of diesel is irregular

May 15, 2024, 4:00 AM

May 15, 2024, 4:00 AM

The distribution and sale of diesel for the productive sector in the department of Santa Cruz It is irregular, This is the information provided by representatives of productive sectors such as soybeans and wheat, among others.

Jaime Hernández, general manager of the Association of Oilseed and Wheat Producers (Anapo), stated that they are concerned due to the insufficient supply of diesel for agriculture, just when “it is needed most” because the planting of the winter campaign with wheat, corn, sorghum and sunflower crops is coming.

“We have been having supply problems since last Wednesday allocations began to decrease for producers who buy directly from YPFB (Bolivian Fiscal Oil Fields).”

Regarding the blockades due to fuel demand, the Anapo representative said that The claim made by the producers who carried out the pressure measurement is genuine because they face bureaucratic difficulties in the procedures that have to be done to be able to access the purchase of diesel for an activity as important for the country as food production.

“Without diesel you cannot produce and without production the country’s food security and sovereignty is put at risk.”

For his part, Mauricio Serrate, producer and secretary director of the Santa Cruz Livestock Federation (Fegasacruz), said that In this administration the supply of diesel has not been regular as in previous years and now has to carry out a “very time-consuming” procedure to obtain permits for the acquisition of diesel.

“One of the main effects is that we do not have the fuel (diesel) at the right time to do our tasks, such as harvesting, planting and maintenance work, which is the daily life of the agricultural sector.”

He also added that the lack of fuel or supply to the pumps causes individuals to profit from this situation and there is resale of diesel.

“Then we see producers who come to buy diesel and gasoline at high prices, between Bs 10 to Bs 8 per liter. And the most serious thing is that all this is a vicious circle where The only one harmed is the final consumer, “You are going to have to pay more for the food you eat every day.”

In turn, Mario Moreno, head of the Corn and Sorghum Producers (Promasor), pointed out that small, medium and large producers They can never complete the total of what they need in fuel because there is not enough supply.

“They have us at a trickle. We want (the diesel supply) to be regularized, even with those minimum quotas and authorizations, but for (the fuel) to exist when it is needed.”

On the other hand, Nué Morón, president of the Association of Fruit Growers and Horticulturists of Santa Cruz (Asofruth), said that Your sector has a sufficient amount of diesel and they have no shortage problems.

“Which They are claiming (those who were blocking) were quotas and they do not accept the Bs 120 liters per month that is given, for example, for a motor pump. For me (that amount of fuel) is enough if it is used only in the motor pump, but gasoline and diesel are for slow cars,” he added.

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