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Pro-government parties requested reports to assess the progress of the government program

The helmsmen of both government coalitions, Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism, determined that the technical teams of the official parties will meet periodically to analyze the reforms in progress, after a meeting held at the headquarters of the Socialist Party.

The objective of the measure taken is to generate inputs from areas of interest, such as health and the economy, which will be used by the table of presidents to make political decisions, prioritize issues and request the incidence of the Executive Branch in some matters.

This was explained by the president of the PS, Paulina Vodanovic, who affirmed, according to Radio Cooperativa, that what is intended is “that we can give informed political discussion and reach agreements to go with a single voice to the Government, have a single voice in Parliament” regarding priorities, although “there is no informed opinion yet”.

Changes to the program

The Radical Party is willing to modify the program according to the current needs of the citizenry, as explained by the helmsman Leonardo Cubillos: “This implies prioritizing, that is, delaying some measures, creating others or not doing others.”

Despite the foregoing, the deputy and president of Social Convergence, Diego Ibáñez, said that the cancellation of the debt of the Credit with State Guarantee cannot be reprioritized as it is “the duty of this Government to resolve it.”

“We have to find the mechanism, if it is going to be through a budget reformulation, advancing in the tax reform or if it is going to be with long-term sustainable fiscal debt. We believe that there are many formulas,” said the parliamentarian.

In any case, he stated that there is already an agreement on urgent issues, which includes the pension reform, the short law to execute the Supreme Court ruling regarding the isapres, the Commission for Peace and Understanding and a proposal to increase the collection.

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