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Pro-Castro group asks banks not to implement embargo measures

MIAMI, United States. — Rock Around the Blockadea British organization in solidarity with the Cuban regime asked European and British banks not to implement the measures of the embargo imposed by the United States government.

The initiative is part of a campaign where banks are asked not to freeze “accounts and transactions intended to support Cuba through fundraising.”

That organization assured in a release that several deposits of “humanitarian aid or for commercial purposes” have been seized by banks in third countries, for which it requires these banking entities to break the financial fence against the Cuban regime.

“With European states and the UK determined not to challenge the US’s 60-year blockade against Cuba, it is time we took direct action. Cuba solidarity groups are coming together to directly challenge the banks through coordinated civil actions, legal challenges, and street protests,” said the statement, reproduced Monday by Cuban official media.

The text indicates that “the campaign aims to involve as many people and organizations as possible to achieve maximum effect.”

“This extraterritorial application of the United States blockade against Cuba is a violation of international, British and European law and affects everyone!” the statement highlights.

The initiative includes the call for popular protests against banking entities in Europe and the United Kingdom, which must be held “on Saturday, July 30, in front of banks that include Cuba on their list of sanctioned countries.”

In addition to Rock Around the Blockade (United Kingdom), the groups sponsor the campaign Cuba Support Group Irelandfrom Ireland, and Cubanismbased in Belgium.

It is not the first time that the United Kingdom has called to break the embargo against the Cuban regime. Last year, the British newspaper The Telegraphone of the largest circulation in the British Isles, assured that Cuba, without US sanctions, “could be the next great cruise vacation destination.”

The media pointed out that the location of the Caribbean country, “temptingly close to the coast of Florida”, makes the Island an ideal destination in the region. However, he stated that the US embargo made the development of this tourism sector impossible.

The Telegraph On that occasion, he highlighted the opening promoted by the Barack Obama administration, which between 2014 and 2016 allowed cruise travel and resumed commercial air operations between the two countries.

The scenario for the return of cruise ships to Cuba was fueled in 2020 by President Joe Biden, who, during his electoral campaign, promised that, if elected, he would reverse Trump’s policy towards the Island.

Although the current administration does not seem to follow Obama’s policy to the letter, on May 16 Washington announced the relaxation of several of the sanctions imposed on the Cuban regime, removing the limit on the sending of remittances and eliminating restrictions on flights to the island.

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