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Prisoners Defenders responds to the accusations of the Cuban regime

MADRID, Spain.- Prisoners Defenders (PD) responded to recent accusations by the Cuban regime against the organization and its president, Javier Larrondo.

the official cuban reasons had published an article this Saturday in which he tried to discredit the PD and its continuous denunciations of human rights violations on the island.

Quoting the text of cuban reasonsPrisoners Defenders shared on Twitter this Sunday: “Not one of the statements is true. Not even one. They are lost. And in the text they also contribute to the genocide in Ukraine.”

Then PD, referring to the regime, added: “Your words qualify you, and not Prisoners Defenders.”

The text of cuban reasons pointed out that PD publishes and expands “gross and implausible lies”; as well as denied the torture of political prisoners documented by this organization based in Madrid.

“Its founder and president is Javier Larrondo, a Spanish businessman with Cuban parents from a pre-revolutionary bourgeois family who presents himself as the representative in Spain and Europe of the counterrevolutionary group the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), with whose leader the stateless José Daniel Ferrer García maintains close relations”, reads the document.

According to the Cuban authorities, Prisoners Defenders is dedicated to “subversive activity against Cuba”, to “fabricating false accusations against Cuba before the United Nations, the European Union and the International Criminal Court” and “carrying out discredit campaigns against the medical missionss, misrepresenting their objectives, and presenting their participants as victims of slave labor.

At the end of March, Prisoners Defenders presented to the United Nations (UN) Committee Against Torture a report about the tortures of the Cuban Government to political prisoners and their families.

The document, entitled “Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment against Political Prisoners in Cuba”, and also sent to the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Nils Melzer, collects 101 cases of torture or cruel punishment, based on testimonies of the political prisoners themselves or their families.

The PD investigation revealed 15 patterns of torture applied by the regime, among which are: deprivation of medical care among political prisoners; punishable solitary confinement; Use of temperature as a torture mechanism; Abnormal driving to unknown locations for inmates and relatives; Deprivation of communication with family, defense and relatives; and Threats to them, their integrity, their safety and that of their loved ones.

“For decades, the Cuban government has harassed and mistreated political prisoners and their families. This complaint shows that 100% of political prisoners suffer some type of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”, states the report.

Just as it highlights that after the popular protests of the 11J Cuban authorities “have exhibited the highest rates of repression recorded in decades with more than 5,000 arbitrary arrests and more than 1,167 political prisoners.”

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