Ediciones impresas HOY: Gobierno presenta una plataforma de denuncias virtuales

Printed editions TODAY: Government presents a platform for virtual complaints

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Monday, August 15

Díaz Santana: «The desire for profit has turned the health budget into a piñata»

Arismendy Diaz Santana

“The profit motive and the low quality of public services have turned the budget of Public health and of Family Health Insurance in a national piñata, from which the affiliates only receive the residual resources. Nothing essential has changed in the country in terms of health in the last 60 years”.

The blunt statement is from the economist Arismendy Diaz Santanapresident of the Social Security Foundation for All, who considers that Law 87-01 installed modern wagons, but an elite maintains the old locomotive, with the complicity of the State that does not comply with or enforce the law that took so much effort to achieve.

The social security expert expressed himself in those terms when questioning the difficulties that citizens face with a health plan that, in practice, is far from the foundations of Law 87-01 that creates the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS)in whose elaboration he had a leading participation more than 20 years ago.

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Tuesday, August 16

Monsignor Peña Parra defends life and family in gigantic Eucharist

Monsignor Peña Parra defends life and family in gigantic Eucharist

The Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium of the capital was small for the thousands of Catholic parishioners who came yesterday to commemorate the centenary of the coronation of the Virgin of La Altagracia, where Monsignor Edgar Pena Parraspecial envoy of Pope Francisco to the Dominican Republic, he presided over the solemn Eucharist in which he emphasized that the venerated image is a defense in favor of life, family and the dignity of all people regardless of their race or condition.

“Life in the Constitution of the Dominican Republic is the first civil right that is mentioned and in its article 37 we read: The right to life is inviolable from conception to death,” he said in part of his homily unleashing the applause from those present.

When mentioning the family, the Catholic bishop Pena Parra He pointed out that the painting of La Altagracia defends the ties that it has as a solid institution, since it is the support and guardian of the entire human and social community where the first lessons of faith are learned.

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Wednesday, August 17

Abinader cites measures to control rise in inflation

Abinader cites measures to control rise in inflation
Accountability of President Luis Abinader in Santiago.

President Louis Abinader He stated that despite the fact that the country faces the highest international inflationary levels of the last 14 years, they have approved a package of measures and actions to mitigate it as far as possible, without neglecting the main macroeconomic indicators.

He stressed that the country’s inflation is below average of the region and other countries of world reference.

He indicated that this has been achieved without increasing the weight of the debt of the consolidated public sector with respect to the Gross Domestic Product and with a reduction in the debt of the non-financial public sector, which has dropped from 49.7% in August 2020 to 47.5% this month. of June.

He also specified that the DR is one of the few countries in the world with an appreciation of the currencybecause in August 2020 the exchange rate was RD$59 dollar and today it is RD$53.80.

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Thursday, August 18

Alarm over arms trafficking boom from Florida to Haiti

US warns of increased arms trafficking to Haiti
Weapons. External source.

federal investigators from United States say that have seen an increase in the number and caliber of weapons being smuggled from Florida a Haiti in recent months.

Anthony SalisburyDirector from the office of investigations of Homeland Security in Miamisaid that his agents are redoubling their efforts to stop smuggling, and highlighted the increase in violence of the gangs around the capital of Haiti.

Salisbury noted that among the weapons seized is a .50-caliber rifle used by military snipers and other machine guns that are not often seen. Agents have noted an increase in the caliber and volume of weapons.

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Friday August 19

Government presents a platform for virtual complaints

Government presents a platform for virtual complaints

As part of the police reform process promoted by the government with a view to guaranteeing citizen security, the president Louis Abinader yesterday led the launch of the platform for virtual complaints of the National Police, as well as the Tactical Drone Unit.

The head of state explained that this system, in addition to monitoring, will offer a much more efficient and agile response to complaints processes.

“All this responds to the comprehensive plan that we have put into operation to promote police reform and citizen security. This project to automate the reporting processes marks a new milestone from which we will begin to see the results almost immediately », he specified.

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Saturday August 20

Former president of DNCD goes to surrender for the death of an entertainer

Former president of the DNCD would have turned himself in to the PGR after being accused of killing Manuel Duncan
Felix Alburquerque Compres.

vice admiral Felix Alburquerque Compres went last night to surrender to the Public Ministry for the death of the animator of Los Leones de Esgido, Manuel Duncan, after an alleged discussion at a fast food stall in the capital, early yesterday. The victim leaves three orphaned children.

The Vice Admiral turned himself in to the District Attorney’s Office, after an arrest warrant was issued against him. The information was confirmed to this newspaper by the Attorney General of the Republic (PRG) being identified by the authorities as the person who killed the communicator.

Vice Admiral version

During a brief interview with a journalist Priena Almonteafter the incident Albuquerque Compress narrated that the event happened because Duncan attacked him with blows to the face and side.

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