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Prince Harry defends his controversial memoirs on television

Prince Enrique will delve this Sunday in two long-awaited interviews into the details about his memoir “In the Shadow”, after the controversy caused by the revelations about the disputes with his brother, his sexual life and a confession about drug use.

Source: AFP

The worldwide release of the prince of England’s autobiography, titled “Spare” (“In the shadow” in Spanish), is scheduled for January 10, but a large part of the content leaked on Thursday when it was mistakenly released early in Spain.

Among the leaked details is the accusation that his brother William – heir to the throne – attacked him during a discussion about his wife, the former American actress Meghan Markle, an account of how did you lose your virginitya confession about consumption of drugs and the statement that killed 25 people while deployed in Afghanistan.

So far the details have generated condemnation, ridicule and controversy, without any reaction from the palace.

Several of the channels that interviewed him have already aired excerpts from the interview that focus on the dispute with his brother Guillermo and his accusations that his family installed a negative narrative about him and his wife in the media.

The British network ITV will broadcast an interview of just over an hour and a half with the prince on Sunday at 21:00 GMT.

In fragments of the interview broadcast by ITV, Enrique claims that Guillermo tried to hit him during their argument about his wife.

“He wanted me to hit him back, but I preferred not to,” he says.

“I want a reconciliation, but first there needs to be accountability,” he adds.

The program, entitled “Enrique: the Interview”, was recorded before the controversial content of his memoirs became known.

– “An archnemesis” –

Then, the US network CBS will broadcast another interview at 7:30 pm on the east coast of the United States (0030 GMT on Monday) and the ABC station will broadcast a third program on Monday.

Enrique refers to Guillermo as “his dear brother and arch nemesissaid ABC host Michael Strahan in an excerpt.

“Strangely, there has always been a competition between us,” Enrique told the US network.

In another fragment of the book, revealed on Saturday by the tabloid The Daily Mail, the prince assures that he was not actually the witness at his brother’s wedding and that this information was a “blatant lie”.

– An impact on the queen’s health –

The leak of the content of “In the Shadow” not only generated outrage in the UK for criticism of the royal family, but for Harry’s claim that he killed 25 people, whom he considered “chess pieces”, during his participation in the war in Afghanistan.

“He has betrayed” the trust of the army “in the same way that he has betrayed his family,” Colonel Tim Collins said indignantly, quoted by The Times newspaper.

Even the Taliban reacted after this revelation and accused the prince of “war crimes”.

Although the royal family did not officially rule on the content of the memoirs, some comments from sources close to Buckingham Palace began to appear in the British media, for example, to deny that Queen Consort Camila leaked the details of her first appearance to the press. meeting with Prince William.

Enrique also explains in his book that together with his brother they asked their father not to marry Camila, after the death of their mother Diana, since they feared that she would be a “bad stepmother”.

The Telegraph newspaper also quotes sources close to Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, who reveal that the possible publication of the memoirs “affected the queen’s health in her last year“.

According to The Times, which cites sources close to the Penguin Random House publishing house, which spent several million dollars to get the rights to this book, Enrique considered last year canceling the publication of these long-awaited and controversial memoirs.

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